What I wore to Seoul Fashion Week

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I love how much a Fashion Week season can spin how I’m feeling about my wardrobe and my current clothing choices completely on its head. When winter seems never-ending (seriously, it’s April, Seoul… let’s stop with the wind and the cold), and I’m practically living in the same super warm sweater because I just cannot be arsed, I fall into a serious fashion rut.

Nothing feels inspiring, and I start to feel like I’m losing myself to that sweater and my duvet. I’ve never been a fan of dressing myself in winter.

But Seoul Fashion Week rocked around, and although I could only make it to the Saturday, it was a lot of fun. I ran into a load of friends and finally managed to debut The Yellow Check Topshop Trousers it took me about a solid month to actually purchase.

yellow check trouser style inspiration

This winter has definitely dragged, and even the end of March has a pretty severe bite to it out of the sunshine, but I was so desperate to bring some form of the warmer months to my my outfit. It might not haven been the wisest of ideas since I was a little bit snuffly in the few days after the saturday, but I’d had this outfit in my head for so long that I really wanted to bring it to life.

The two patterns that I can never get enough of are stripes and tartans / checks. I don’t know what it is that draws me to them in every shop I go into, but somehow, I’ve built up quite the checked of both to see me through pretty much the entire year. These trousers though. I remember seeing someone (can’t figure out who was the person who initially sparked my absolute need for them for the life of me, though, can I.)  wearing them on instagram, and thought that they looked insanely cool. I’m not a massive fan of yellows on myself, and I was debating for ages whether or not to buy them, considering shipping from Topshop to Korea isn’t the cheapest; but as soon as I was going to purchase they were sold out.

I was pretty upset.

Borderline devastated.

‘Buyers regret’ isn’t something that I experience, but oh do I suffer from purchases I haven’t made but really wish I did.

The search for a replacement began, and I asked my favourite alt girls if they knew of any similar, but nothing was really grabbing me. I was gravitating to a pair from i.am.gia, but I had my heart set on yellow, and that never happens.

yellow check trouser style inspiration

Somehow, things worked out. I was routinely checking to see if they were back in stock – even asking the group chat and my sisters to check in store had turned up nothing – low and behold they were. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased something so quickly in my life.

Stories aside, I am genuinely really happy with them. They’re lighter than I was expecting, they’re definitely more of a spring or summer trouser than something you’d comfortably wear out in winter over here without thermals, but I love how much of a statement they make. I also love that they’re pretty damn versatile to style, as they’re tailored. You can dress them up with a stiletto or pointed toe boot, silky cami and a jacket, or throw over a chunky knit to keep you cosy in your down time. 

I also love that they play into the grunge aesthetic (mix with black, docks, leather(look) jackets) as well as having the potential to be more preppy with cropped knitwear, or piling on the warm tones.

what to wear to seoul fashion week

I decided to go with letting the trousers speak for themselves here, so everything else is pretty basic. I was ‘twinning’ with Hannah – it’s a popular thing to do here in Korea, especially during Fashion Week – and although we couldn’t get the same style check, there were a lot of styles with yellow and blue mix. I found this adorable dress that Hannah also fell a lil bit in love with, so the colour pallete was yellow, blue, red and black. It played perfectly into me also wanting to take my new Samantha Thavasa bag to Seoul Fashion Week, but not being able to go to more than the Saturday. I would not have the most expensive purchase of my trip to Japan sit around without a photo opportunity that week. It also matched perfectly since the bag I chose has gold hardware.

The top  and sunglasses are from Forever21 – they have some really pretty things in for spring and summer currently – the shoes are an old eBay purchase, and the jacket was a last minute buy from a Korean chain called Brand Market. The choker is one of my favourites, from Aland, it’s navy crushed velvet.

what to wear to seoul fashion week

what to wear to seoul fashion week

what to wear to seoul fashion week

I also decided to do something a little different with my makeup and turned my eyebrows blue. You can’t really tell as they just look ‘dark’ but I wanted to push the boat out a little bit in the realm of beauty, as I’m not usually daring at all. I was also wearing the new Club Clio super gloss lipsticks and ahhhh I love them .

style inspiration yellow tartan trousers

That’s pretty much it for me for Seoul Fashion Week this season. I’m excited for spring and summer fashion again, and I’ve got a burst of inspiration that I should really put to good use.

Let me know what you think of this outfit. I’d love to know what you’d like to see more of too! ~

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  1. Mary Goodger says:

    New follower here (yay Bloglovin!) 🙂 I LOOOVE this outfit so much. I'm so glad you were able to snag those yellow trousers, because they look great on you!xxMarygoddess-within.me

  2. Sophie R says:

    I actually so love this outfit! You're making me want to try yellow and checks in trousers xSophie's Spot

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