Fii Cridland - Little Miss Fii About

Currently based: South Korea (Seoul)
Email: hello@fiixii.co.uk

I’m Fii, 25, most probably found with a tall green tea, in front of a laptop, and wishing my wardrobe contained way more Kenzo than it currently does. Proud advocate of fun but wearable fashion, constantly taking inspiration from the streets of Seoul, instagram, and pinterest, I have a slight stationery addiction and really like shoes. Like, really, really like shoes.

If you’ve got wifi, I will be your bff 5eva.

The other things I enjoy that will, most probably, form the content of this blog are: fashion, Korean cosmetics, traveling, finding cute/odd/interesting places (that let me take photographs), music, and baking.

I’m an East Asian Studies (BA hons) graduate, and I also speak/study Korean.

The blog:

Fiixii  started as a creative outlet for some not so fun times in my life. It’s given me something to focus on, and has transformed into my ‘safe’ space on the internet since it’s conception. I hope that it is a place others can feel they enjoy as much as I do.

So far, it’s taught me many brilliant things and helped me hone skills that I was, most probably (if you ask family/friends) lacking. It’s also brought me so much joy – the community, confidence, and the ability to work with a bunch of amazing brands and people.

As well as all the mushy stuff, it’s also allowed me to really play around with my personal style – and whereas that style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I hope that it can inspire someone to wear pieces that they fall in love with, regardless of seasonal trends.

Find me elsewhere:

If you fancy a chat I’m @Fii_fii on twitter, if you just want to see photos of where I am or have been then I’m @fiixii on instagram or fiixiii on flickr. I’m super duper imaginative with the internet-handles, as you can tell. But hey, at least it’s consistent!

You can also connect with me on facebook, keep updated with all my posts handily by following me on bloglovin, and check out any videos I may pop on the youtubes.

Much love to you all, I hope you enjoy reading what I enjoy sharing.

If not, then I also occasionally write freelance 🙂

♥ ♥


camera: canon 700d with kit lens / 50mm / 35mm f/2
canon eos m3 with 15-45mm lens
(no longer use, but still have) canon s120

– photoshop to edit photos
– premier pro to edit videos
– after effects to animate


♥ ♥