I blog because I enjoy sharing my opinions about things that would most eloquently be described as ‘stuff’.

Any product review on this blog is 100% my honest opinion, regardless of weather I purchased it myself or it had been sent to me for review/is an advertorial.  Any posts that feature products I have not bought myself will be tagged accordingly with ‘item: c/o’ (courtesy of), marked with an asterisk (*), and clearly stated in each post under the image.

Sponsored content will be marked with an asterisk (*) and ‘ad’ in the title, disclaimed at the end of the post with the sponsors link, and tagged accordingly with ‘*sponsored post’. These are in compliance with the ASA guidelines for advertorials of this nature.

If you would like to work with me, please have a look at my contact page. If you would like to see examples of content, you can peruse the relevant tags at your leisure. 🙂

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