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Hey Fii, said no one in particular, it’s been a while since you’ve talked about shoes, hasn’t it? Did something happen? 

Well, other than the fact I left about 80% of my collection in the UK, I haven’t really been all that ‘on’ with my shoe game as of late. A lot of that is because I spend a lot of my time (6 hours a day, give or take) on my feet teaching kids, and anything other than flat or comfy shoes is a definite no-go. Before the shoes I’m about to show you, I’ve bought f o u r pairs in the last 11 months, which means that I’ve been ‘surviving’ with about 13 pairs – and one of them kind of needs to be retired soon

It’s been nice, I guess, the last year, and not having such a vast array to choose from, there have been times I’ve wished so hard that I brought my docs with me, or that I had my trusty statement JC’s to throw on, but as it’s transpired this year, I haven’t really needed that many as I don’t do much other than work during my weekday, and there are only so many shoes I can wear on the weekend. 

BUT! I had the itch. The itch to get new shoes and G-market was there to let me browse for hours and hours and hours. And jeez if you know G-market, you’ll know that it’s frustrating as heck but also fabulous and the delivery is the fastest. So now I have 3 more pairs of shoes. I’ve only worn one pair outside so far. 

G-market, if you’ve never heard that name before, is basically the Korean Amazon. Considering that Amazon doesn’t actually have a Korean marketplace, and it ramps up the price for anything that you do order into Korea, G-market is where to go. You can get basically anything there, from clothes to household goods, food, electronics (I bought my vlogging camera from G-market)… everything. It’s tagline is ‘Korea no.1 shopping site’ because there isn’t really a more efficient alternative at the same rank that is accessible for both Koreans and either expats, or foreigners.

I’ll do the flats first – the white trainer has turned into the wardrobe staple, and I’m loving how varied (and cute) the styles available now, are. When the stan smiths first appeared, almost all of the white trainers were as close to carbon-copy dupes as you could get, and now they’re branching out into more unique and interesting formats. The basic shape is still the same, why fix what isn’t broken, but I’m living for the pastel and the colours and the fun designs. 

The trainers are both from the same g-market mini shop called PUBLIC. They were both under 15000W, which is a huge draw as you can see countless pairs of these types of shoes in Edae, Myeongdong and the underground shopping malls, but they’re around 30000W a pair. Shipping was super fast for domestic delivery, as expected, and the quality for price is fab. I got them in a 245 (Korean shoe sizes run on a mm basis, rather than a whole/half number size system), which is equivalent to a UK 5 to 5 1/2. Both pairs are slightly off true to size, with the pink velcro pair being a little snug initially, and the stripe frill pair being loose. But it’s nothing drastic. 

baby pink velcro trainers fashion blogger style

I’ll start with the pink pair first, purely because I’ve worn them outside, when it snowed, and they are now not the cleanest. But they are also really comfortable to walk in, and the grip is pretty good for this style of trainer. I was really drawn in by the pastel pink accents, and the fact that I haven’t had any velcro fastening shoes since I was old enough to tie laces. 

They have this really fun and childish vibe to them, which works well with my love of all things oversized and my leaning towards pastel colours. They’re also not too precious to me that I can wear them to work without having to worry. Obvs they were never going to stay white forever, but they can be cleaned down when I want to. 

baby pink velcro trainers fashion blogger style

baby pink velcro trainers fashion blogger style

white dupe trainers red blue frill trim

The second pair of trainers features a really sweet blue and red ruffle down the lace-guard, and a contrast eyelet detail at the top. It doesn’t have the usual block colour segment at the top of the heel like other trainers in this kind of style, which I think actually makes the ruffle stand out a bit more. The frill detailing was available in 5 colourways, and I was slightly tempted by the green and red (those gucci vibes) but thought that the blue and red would work with a lot of what I already have in my wardrobe, my current collection of socks. The others were green and white, red and white, and black and white. I think these will look super cute in the spring with a really simple outfit,  some high waisted jeans and a slouchy sweater or top. 

The fit of these is a little bit on the larger side than the baby pink pair, even though they’re the same size. I think it may be because these are lace-up and the others are velcro, so they just feel a little bit bulkier. I still think they’re cute. 

white dupe trainers red blue frill trim

grey suedette ankle boots mirror statement heel

And the final pair, which took a lot of effort to get, is this absolutely stunning pair of grey suedette boots with button detailing and the most spectacular feature heel. It’s mirrored. They’re from a mini shop called JellaDa, and they were a little bit pricier at nearly 36000W for the pair. These weren’t my first choice boot, I do have to admit; I was hankering over a patent white/cream pair with an interesting heel detail, but they were constantly out of stock and my orders kept getting cancelled. I’m really happy with these instead though – I haven’t had a pair of grey boots, and they were my next colour down on the ‘to buy’ list. 

Though if you have any recommendations for patent white boots I am all ears. 

Other than the mirrored heel, I am in love with the button detailing down each side. They give them a bit of a military vibe, and the slightly rounder pointed toe will make sure that my toes don’t get too squashed. The height of the heel is 9cm, and I’m hoping that they’re not going to be too brutal on my feet considering I haven’t stepped away from the platform life for a while. To get in and out, there’s a zip fastening on the inner side of the shoe. 

grey suedette ankle boots mirror statement heel

grey suedette ankle boots mirror statement heel

I hope that you enjoyed this post! Do people even do hauls like this any more??

Let me know which are your favourite of the three, or how you would style the boots. I have some ideas already, but more suggestions are never a bad thing! Oh and if you have any idea where I can get a patent white (heeled) pair, please throw your recommendations at me!! 

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