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topshop wishlist new in uk fashion blogger

Not too long ago I would walk past Topshop and sigh as nothing caught my eye. I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the brand: love because they do have some fab basics and seasonal showstopper pieces; hate because the things I’ve loved have been few and far between or so horiffically expensive and I am #brokeassstudent. Not a match made in heaven.

Recently though, the things that I’m loving are less few and far between and more … a few things every season. Which is really saying something considering I’m one for the quirky, not-so-normal pieces and have a heavy bias towards Asian brands.

And that shift has turned into me wishlisting something a whole catalogue long. It is probably a catalogue at this point. Sorry not sorry (but I really am).

topshop wishlist new in uk fashion blogger

denim square neck pinny / moto grey cord pinny / project social t pom pom sweater /mono colour block sweater / colour block tee / sporty rib bralet / geo high neck crop top / elastic trim bralet /

pinstripe buckle skirt / gingham bonded mini skirt / moto stripe aline skirt / patch pocket cord aline skirt / badged ma1 bomber

The pieces that should come as no surprise are the pinafores, the bombers and the a-line skirts. I also really like Topshop’s take on the souvenir jacket, but for the price you might as well just find a vintage Japanese one. I am 6000% sure that I’m going to be getting one of the cord pinny’s some time soon; whenever I walk past a store or snoop online I’m always fawning over them. Can’t decide on the grey or the burgundy though – both are colours I really like and I can’t justify both. And then when you throw the denim square neck pinafore into the mix too … urgh. Indecisive mess. 

Other things I can’t get out of my head: the range of bralets. I’m all about the sporty ribbed choices – black over white but I like both – and the elastic trim sets too, especially in the brighter colours. I think they’d look really cool in summer under dungarees or pinnys or oversized vest tops. Or with a more structured coordinate set in dark colours. Like a blazer/short combo. Ooo. 

Next on the list are the super soft sweaters for maximum comfort when I’m curled up and crying about le dissi. Or just need something easy to throw on for class but isn’t too pyjama-y. Or just something that is cute and spring-like and cool enough for class. The Project Social T with the pom pom slogan is so far up my street  that Sian was all ‘but you need that tho’, and I was all ‘yeh I kno.’ Sad times that my working hours aren’t regular. SAD TIMES. There are a couple of other sweaters I’m in love with too, but didn’t want to overcrowd the graphic so they’re in the widget down below ;D

And then we have the skirts. The kilt-style of the pinstripe buckle skirt reminds me of my primary school days, but I also really like it. Then it’s slightly more mainstream fits but in interesting patterns. I’m really loving the deep forest green of the corduroy a-line skirt.  The bonded gingham skirt feels a lot more structured than the moto stripe skirt, just an fyi, material is quite a bit thicker. 

To round things off, I’ve popped in a couple of tees I’m also always pawing at (or staring at, because some are on rails a tad bit too high for me). Comfy and slouchy and relatively easy to wear or style – key basics and a cheeky adidas number because I love me a bit of the trefoil

So. That’s most of what’s on my wishlist. Ish. There is more but I’m doing much better at convincing myself my wardrobe is a-ok right now. 

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Let me know which items are your favourites – and which you think I should get 😉


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8 responses to “The Topshop wishlist”

  1. Carina Chung says:

    THOSE A LINE SKIRTS.OMG I CANNOT!!! THEY ARE JUST SOOOO PRETTY! I NEED THEM (But yes brokeassstudent as well, damn!)

  2. Alyssa G says:

    I love that "have you seen my pom poms" shirt – but I'm a cheerleader so that explains it! Also love their bralets!xx

    • Fii Cridland says:

      ayyy fellow cheer-gal! I saw it and immediately thought HAVE TO HAVE. they have a cheer squad hoodie too, which i'm also eyeing up…xo

  3. Emily Rose Vass says:

    Hey Fii, so glad I found your blog through the #fblchat it's so pretty! I have the cord pinafore dress in navy and am lusting after it in a spring colour, they are just so cute and versatile!Love Em <3 //

  4. Meg Siobhan says:

    If I had a flatter stomach and less hippy…hips, then I'd want to rock ALL of this – such great choices!Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  5. Martha Edwards says:

    Ahhhhhh the pinafores and the A line skirts! GIMME! I have the same kinda love/hate relationship with Topshop. Mostly cuz of the price tbh xMartha Jane |

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