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Revision boredom made me do it. Sort of. I do love the massive discounts that happen in the post-Christmas/New Year period. In the last half of 2014 I really didn’t spend much, so I allowed myself some treats once the sales came round. Half as a reward for being good in first semester, and half as an incentive to myself to revise over the holidays. Overall, I picked up 11 pieces from ASOS for just over £60 – which works out at around £5.60ish an item… which reminds me so much of cheap Korean shopping ahhh.

Hopefully alll of the stuff here should be popping up in a couple of projects I have planned once exams have effed off. Because they are seriously draining my energy/general will to live right now. *grumble grumble*

I also apologise for the … somewhat stark difference in photo settings. I made 2 orders, which means 2 parcels, but made the orders at different times and sent the first one to my uni address – silly me. So one set is partly photographed at my parents, the other at uni..

 youth club varsity print shopper bag – £4.50 // 2pk grid check headscarves – £6 // dockland plimsolls, black petrol – £10 // no brand needed beanie – £7 // disney minnie mouse flower ears aliceband – £9
cami playsuit, black – £8.50 // 2stripe ankle socks with lace trim – £1.50 // molly t-bar flat shoes – £8 // colour block choker necklace, cream&gold – £7 // metal round sunglasses with built up high brow – £5

My favourite of favourite items are the playsuit, sunglasses, and plimsolls. I spotted the sunglasses waaaaay back when, in april, or at least a very similar pair, and I’m so happy that they came down in price during the sale.

Detail shots:

I found it really hard to do the iridescent material justice. It’s so pretty, catching the light in the way the colours’ namesake does. I haven’t owned a pair of shoes in this style since primary school, which is a good few years ago now, so the slip-on-slip-off nature is going to take a bit of getting used to. I can see these being a go-to casual shoe when the weather thaws out a bit, though.

This bag is so cute! I was first drawn to the price and the style – tote/shopper for £4.50 yes please, tyvm, mine now – and upon closer inspection of the design, it’s adorable. The bag specs are pretty roomy – just over 42cm long and a little wider than 37cm – it can easily fit a lever arch file (one of the big ones) in, no problems, with plenty of additional space. It’s 100% cotton, so if it gets dirty, as light fabric tends to do, especially for a bag, I can stick it in the washing machine. I needed a casual bag that was not a satchel, and this fits the bill so well. Happy Fii is happy.

“Fashion Resolution no. 1 for 2015: wear things that are more out of my comfort zone.”

I don’t wear beanies. Every time my mum or dad suggested getting one when I was younger, far less chic, mind, I’d say I was fine and that I’d deal with the cold ’cause I had a hood. Granted, they were all horrible garish colours designed for parents who needed to play ‘spot my child’ more often than not, so I’ve not had the greatest history with them. Hopefully this one will change that. England doesn’t like to defrost until we’re well into the year, and since I’m more northern now than when I was a child, I’ll need all the heat conservation I can get. I also thought the ‘no brand needed’ patch was pretty cute. It’s a general knit beanie, so the bulk of it is standard.

 I bought these thinking they’d be in the style of one I got in Korea that had wire fed through so you could mould it. Kinda wrong, but I needed something in the way of check patterning. The material is 95% polyester, 5% elastane and rough to the touch, the edges are finished decently. I think they’re overpriced even at a sale value of £6 (£3 each) honestly. If I don’t wear them they’ll make pretty photo backgrounds or belts so at least they’re relatively multipurpose.

This was such an impulse buy, dear oh dear. I needed something to tip over the qualifying line for free shipping and … this was it! I have an ever-growing collection of slightly ‘kooky’ headbands, but they’re fun for shoots and photobooth situations, and this one is pretty cute. If I ever want to be minnie mouse with a flower crown, now I can be. 

They’re not quite as dramatically cat-eye as the april-stock sunnies, but the detail I loved most about them, and these, was the silver band running across the brow to become the arms. I constantly need new sunglasses, more so now because I want a collection I can just pick something out of when the mood strikes than because I or my sisters keep breaking them. The frames are larger than I was expecting, the ‘high brow’ definitely isn’t exaggerated!

Two pairs of flat shoes in one haul. My mum is pleased and proud after the shoes I’ve been stashing recently. I love dolly/t-bar shoes. They look so dainty with any sort of dress that isn’t a maxi length, and, even though they remind me of year 6 at school, I think I’ll always have a pair in my wardrobe. I don’t think I’ll get to wear these out at lot at the moment, what with the weather being wet and miserable, and, above all, cold. Cut outs and cold are not made for warm or dry feet.

If we’re talking about keeping feet warm then another pair of socks is something that will do the trick. Despite getting a couple of pairs of incredibly festive ones for Christmas, they’re not going to be something I’m popping on mid-July. Unless I am in very desperate times. For £1.50 these are an absolute steal, they’re thick cotton, and the stripes add that sporty feel we’re all crazy for right now, but the lace adds a cute offset that makes wearing them with booties as acceptable as your adidas.

I don’t have any necklaces like this one, or any necklaces in gold, actually. I’ve seen a couple in this style when I’ve browsed around in New Look and Topshop, and thought they were quite pretty and delicate, but just couldn’t justify the  price at the time. The choker fit means it sits quite nicely on my collar bones, and the adjustable fastening is great because my neck is quite slim… in the general scale of necks. The cream accent isn’t too bold so I thought this would go well with a lot of what’s already in my wardrobe, and would be quite an easy thing to wear. A lot of the costume-type jewellery I’ve collected over the year leaves me stumped at how to wear it, most of the time – so hopefully this is different!

I adore this playsuit. So much. Soooo so much. Usually I’m not a fan, the faffing around when you need to use the loo is an effort and a half and it just puts me right off. Dress, skirt or shorts, not the fuzzy inbetween. Then I saw this and thought it looked like such a staple summer piece that it ended up in my basket and now… well now it’s in my flat? Funny that. It’s a soft jersey fabric, quite heavy too so it hangs really nicely round the legs – falling about mid-thigh on me. So for you taller gals this might be a bit bum-skimmy, but I think there’s a tall version of it too? The v-neck is reminiscent of all those vest tops on the shelves last summer, and the flipside is straight cut across your mid-to-lower back, depending on how tight you have the straps. I’m so happy with it, I can already tell I’m going to get so much wear out of it, already got a few outfit ideas lined up. For such a simple piece it’s a great sale price and really good quality. The photo here doesn’t do it justice, but it falls like one of the strappy summer dresses, only it’s a playsuit, so you have less to worry about if it’s windy!

Which is your favourite piece? If you’ve seen anything you like and it’s still available (and you have the funds) then I definitely suggest getting it – treat yourself! I’m so excited for warming weather and the end of exams. Hope your week has been good so far – and sorry for a long/picture heavy post, but I do like to give little first impressions of things when I haul them. Maybe It’d be shorter in a video next time?

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40 responses to “ASOS haul”

  1. Kathryn says:

    Oooo I love both those pairs of shoes, I really want to pick up a pair of pumps like that, they seem like such a good casual comfy thing to

    • Fii Cridland says:

      I can't wait to wear them tbh! Much cooler than a canvas version, and these are wipe clean which is great for the muddy months ahead! I hope you can pick some up that you like 🙂

  2. Rhianna says:

    Oh my goodness those pumps are gorgeous! Asos is my one true weakness. I had to delete the app from my phone and my ipad so I'd stop browsing!! Rhianna | robowecop

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Oh dear! I always find myself typing in the url when I'm on a study break it is terrible I need to stop. At least I am stern enough with myself that I only shop when I have the funds to!! Otherwise I could be in serious troubleTy for stopping by! 🙂 x

  3. Gail J says:

    I absolutely love your shoes!

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Thank you! I'm planning to show you all my ridiculous (yes that is the only word to describe it) collection at some point, I think! :)Fii x

  4. Erin and Katherine says:

    I'm obsessed with grid print at the moment, American Apparel does some really cool items in it – their Lolita top, for example. Love that cami playsuit as well!Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    • Fii Cridland says:

      I've seen some really great pieces around, but just cannot justify AA on my student budget, massive sad face, I'm completely in love with the lolita top. Fii x

  5. Han says:

    Gosh I love asos, I'm really glad you favourited my tweet as I'm now seriously crushing over your blog fml… those ears would be soooo freaking cute for a festival! and don't get me started on this holographic shoes agh! You're encouraging me to shop…. xxx

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Awhhh I would be sorry but~ 😉 I didn't think of festivals!! That's such a good idea, now I might have an actual use for them instead of on a whim!!! The holographic trend is def something I want to see stick around in 2015, it's so much fun. Fii x

  6. Colleen says:

    Such good picks! I especially love those sneakers because they're like subtly iridescentCOOCOO FOR COCO

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Ee thank you! I think they're going to be really versatile to style, which is a massive plus point – iridescent isn't usually the nicest of things to work with! Fii x

  7. Victoria says:

    Obsessed with the patent shoes, great choice! 🙂 xx Victoria

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Thank you! I've been waiting ages to add something like this back to my collection, so I'm super pleased now 😀 Fii x

  8. - Karen says:

    Gorgeous pieces here! I also adore that playsuit, I bet it fits so well 🙂 & you're t-bars look adorable!Style Sunrise ☀ :)x

    • Fii Cridland says:

      It actually fits like a dream! I was so skeptical after buying it because the model is was all leggy and I am… not. Very not. But I'm honestly really happy with it – at £8.50 I'd say go for it!! (I did ahha). Fii x

  9. Sadie says:

    Love the little lace socks and shoes! And the minnie mouse ears headband might have been an impulse buy but it's really cute 🙂 xx

    • Fii Cridland says:

      The socks are amazing quality for £1.50, seriously thick cotton so you actually can wear them in trainers too! I'm so pleased I picked the headband up now, got a bunch of ideas for it :DFii x

  10. Danielle says:

    i have the same slip ons, i love them!xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Ohh really?? That's good to hear! I can't wait to wear them out… or just… go outside… for something other than an exam right now.Fii x

  11. Serene Kurd says:

    Your ASOS Haul is amazing, I love the sunglasses & the necklace! <3Serene xoxo

  12. Aibina Yeshkeyeva says:

    Great collection! 🙂

  13. jeanne christine says:

    Great haul! Can only imagine the excitement of opening up the parcel!

  14. Olivia T says:

    What a cute haul! The shoes you picked out look fab and the headband is too cute! :)Olivia xBeauty from the Fjord

  15. Made in Mauve says:

    Fantastic haul! Cute print of the bag!Made in Mauve

  16. Leanne Winters says:

    It looks like you got some really cute bargains and asos is always great for that x

  17. Oly Shamrik says:

    My relationship with asos is quite complicated, it's not easy for me to find there something I would enjoy. I am glad it's your cup of tea and you can score some great stuff!Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

    • Fii Cridland says:

      I find that with a lot of retailers depending on the season, sometimes I love everything, other times it's all so far removed from what I'd wear it's sad – usually asos takes some digging for me.Fii x

  18. Holl JC says:

    Loving those slip ons! The design/colouring is just amazing

    • Fii Cridland says:

      They look absolutely amazing in the flesh too! I really couldn't do the finish justice with the lighting I had, but I'm glad people are liking them :DFii x

  19. Emily Aranha says:

    Those iridescent shoes are to die for! Great picks xx E∆LietoDie

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