Distressed to Impress (ootd)

Photo of Fii wearing distressed Jeans and a Eiffel Tower Tee both from Forever21

Jeans + Shirt are both Forever21

It’s agonising when you can’t find the perfect pair of jeans, but you see them everywhere, on everyone else, looking absolutely amazing. Like, physically painful levels of agonising. Since Seoul Fashion Week (March, it’s now June) I have been searching for the perfect pair of ridiculously distressed jeans – to no avail. They all just fit wrong. Too long in the leg, #shortpeopleproblems, too wide in the leg, not great for the bum, too distressed – I could go on but that would be boring. Anywho, it literally took a friend distressing his own jeans right in front of me to realise ‘hey I can do that, too’.

And so I did.

Since Korean jeans just fit that bit really, really oddly, I went to the trusty Forever21 (next choice was H&M but their jeans are weirdly expensive over here), nabbed a pair of jeans that already had the knees slashed so I didn’t feel too bad about slashing them some more, and took to youtube to see how other people did it. LaurDIY and JairWoo both have great tutorials 🙂

To distress the jeans myself, I got some scissors, cut a couple of horizontal lines about an inch or two (2.5-5cm ) apart, and then started pulling at the threads to give it that distressed feel. I cut a few vertical lines too, and did the same again just to mix things up a bit.

So happy with the result – and the jeans are super comfy to boot, so it’s win-win all round!


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