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Stepping out to the exact opposite side of Seoul than my usual haunts for this one. (And actually just a stones throw away from where I actually live, but that is, for the most part, irrelevant.) I’ve been to Burger B in Hongdae a couple of times now, at various points during the day, and it’s safe to say that if there’s one place I recommend you go in Hongdae for some good old western-style food, it’s here. Partly because they do really good food, partly because their menu is a newspaper.

Most of the staff here are both Korean and English speaking, and the majority of the dish titles are in english, so you won’t have too many problems ordering if you don’t speak Korean. Though the descriptions are all in hangeul, so you might have to do a little bit of guesswork as to what is in what you’re ordering. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed, there’s usually some kind of sporting game being projected onto one wall, and the whole feel of the place is pretty cozy when it’s busy. Which is nice because this place is actually quite large.

photo of Burger B's interior

The menu is comprised of good old comfort food, burgers, salads, draught beers, fish and chips (!!!), desserts, cocktails, sides and sandwiches. So there’s really something for everyone. Prices are in the affordable-to-pricey range, a beer tasting set + burger will set you back a fair bit, but hey, if you’ve got the cash to splash it’s well worth it. Or from what I saw when a friend did just that.

The restaurant itself is quite hard to find, it’s up near Hongik uni, on a street that’s near American Apparel and opposite NB2. There’s a coffee gurunaru at start of the street on the American Apparel side, and close by (ok, opposite) is a really good Izakaya restaurant. 

But onto the food.

The ‘BLT burger with sweet fries ft. the Miso Burger’ round

Photo of the Bacon Burger, Miso Burger and Sweet Fries at Burger B's, Hongdae

I think my only gripe about the burgers here is that if you want fries, they have to be ordered separately, unless you order the Ultimate BB burger. 

The ‘Fish and Chips with a side of mac’n’cheese washed down with alcoholic lemonades and alcoholic milkshakes’ round

Photo of Fish and Chips next to a dish of Mac'n'cheese from Burger B

Like a true brit I went giddy over the fish and chips. Any boy was it good fish and chips. Not chipshop standards of grease, but probably better than I can ever remember a Harry Ramsdens being. Much yum, very nom. The mac’n’cheese was overshadowed quite greatly in comparison. I mean, it was great, it really was – a breaded crust and fluorescent cheese is everything that dish should be, but put it next to battered cod, chips and ketchup and, well. Mate. It’s just not going to happen. The alcoholic lemonade/milkshake were equally lovely. I’ve forgotten the names of the cocktails (as I recall they were fairly amusing), so I can’t share them with you but they were both lovely. Kind of sharp, but lovely.

The ‘Three Ultimates, and mushroom burger and a beer tasting set please’ round 

#먹스타그램 #instafood

Ahh, the most expensive burger on the menu, though it is a set! To be honest, you do get an awful lot: Burger, fries, milkshake shot, and that burger isn’t small in the slightest. I’ve had this set twice now, (forgot my camera both times like an actual idiot) and it’s a good solid burger to try for first timers.

Other things I have had on the menu but apparently decided any real decent photographs weren’t going to happen: Mango Daiquiri, Crab sandwich (yum) and some of the beer set.

I do really recommend this place if you’re craving a taste of the west amongst all the Korean food, or if you just want a good draught beer/guinness in a pub setting while you watch the footie. Or the baseball. (And, occasionally the olympics.)

Address: 363-28 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu

Phone: (070) 8870-9220

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