Goals for 2018

good goals resolution to set for growth new startOK, so since I failed pretty spectacularly (in a sense) at my 2017 goals, writing a new set for 2018 sounds somewhat counterproductive. Or at least a tad bit misguided. But, I’m determined to actually hold myself accountable to the goals that I can measure, and make definite steps forwards in those that are more qualitative. 

I know that there are a lot of mixed feelings about the idea of pushing ‘reset’ or ‘go’ on new ideas, plans, or projects is about as cliche as rose gold and marble; and I’m very much on board with the idea that you can start a new project whenever you damn well feel like it, or feel inspired (hello, goals post on a Thursday four days after new year’s) – but there’s nothing quite as refreshing as the feeling of a clean slate. Also, after the year we’ve all just had, I think allowing people a bit of excitement and collective motivation for change is not all bad. 

So, I have two sets of goals: the creative and lifestyle. They might occasionally overlap, and I might be borrowing things from last year, but I like feeling like I’m going somewhere in my endeavours. 

how to style tennis skirt winter

the creative

2 blog posts, 1 video (at least) + don’t forget naver

‘At least’ because I know there will be some weeks were I feel ALL OF THE MOTIVATION AND ENERGY, or I just really feel I need to get an idea out there. But I want to have a minimum expectation rather than 2 blog posts every month and maybe a video a year. I’m not quite setting myself actual deadlines yet, but I need to start feeding my creativity by actually being bloody creative. 

Even though my naver blog is technically my ‘secondary blog’ it’s also probably my primary source for reaching a new Korean readership so I’m also gonna be getting on that. Most likely just with ootd’s, hauls, food, and oldschool style posts, but solidly in Korean. 

Hopefully it won’t be a case of biting off more than I can chew with full time work and an apartment/job move in February…


I’ve been adamant that I’ve wanted to start vlogging properly, but I always find a reason to chicken out. I’ve got clips on clips on clips on hours of footage that will probably never see the light of day because there’s something in them that I don’t like, one minor thing that makes me hate it. This year, I’m going to try and do monthly vlogs. I don’t have an interesting enough weekday life at the moment for something going out every weel (my work hours aren’t great), but I’m going to try and show more of my everyday korea each month. The only excuse allowed is when I’m sick. Also, trying to get two videos out a week would probably be way too much pressure and I really don’t want to buckle. 

I do have some trips coming up that I want to vlog though, I’m off to Japan to see Izzy, and I think I’ll probably document my moving process properly this time when it’s time for me to get my ass into Seoul, but so far those are both happening in February, and I want to get into the swing of things in January first. I’m scared but I’ll do it. 

be more creatively ambitious

I want to do more cool stuff, creatively. More styled photoshoots, more interesting locations, lookbooks, more fun, more concepts. Not necessarily sending this space into an editorial style, just more a reflection of what I love. I have boards and boards on pinterest of inspiration, and I’d love for my blog to really be a true representation of what I like creatively. I also think it’ll give me way more confidence in my actual work, and just generally being me. 

In this vein, I also want to start experimenting with makeup more. Over 2017 I’ve become way less scared of eye shadow, bold lipsticks, and bolder eyeliner. I’ve also been rocking bare skin more too, and I learned how to colour correct my undereyes better. I want to keep this going and I want to try more. I want to try glossy lids and learning about makeup. 

Fashion wise, I want to keep finding things to challenge and push my styling boundaries. I want to accessorise more. I want to find new Korean brands to introduce you to and I want to continue having fun with fashion. 

learn more

More editing skills, more videography skills, more photography skills. More branding and design skills, more marketing skills. How to effectively use pinterest and how not to feel terrible about instagram. Creating and learning are partners in crime, and I’m going to tackle them both this year. 

I also want to learn more about what you guys like seeing and want me to do – so I’m probably going to start looking at my stats more closely again, not all the time, just here and there to check in. Also if you have any suggestions for content you are more than welcome to let me know. 

be more ‘in the community’

Whether that’s being more active online in places other than instagram, or hitting up the Korean blogger / expat community out here, I want to be more active. Share my favourites, share the love, share comments… I am in a different time zone, and I’m not about to run myself into the ground on no sleep because the time difference between Korea and back home is either 8 or 9 hours depending on daylight savings, but I really do want to feel like I’m giving something back and using my voice for good. 

winter outfit inspiration fashion blogger

how to style aviator jacket winter fashion staple


– cook at home more

I really, really want to try and stick to this one this year. Which is also notoriously hard in Korea since food is such a social occasion. But christ almighty my eating habits are skewed to hell and it’s concerning me. Not having an oven has really messed with a lot of the recipes I know how to make, and the effort of cooking either before or after work has sometimes been too much. I’ve also been relying way too much on easy convenience store food like Kimbap or instant food, and it’s been playing havoc with my skin. I also definitely need to cut down on the amount of sugar I am consuming, so hopefully cooking more wholesome meals at home will help keep me feeling fuller for longer. 

– improve overall health

I’m not going to copy-paste what I wrote last year, but the gist is still the same and I’m still not taking great care of my body. The water intake has got way better, and I’m doing more things that make me happy, but sleep and stress have kinda taken a nosedive and exercise has been inconsistent, which I’m annoyed about. So I really want to get back on track this year. 

Also, I’m going to be devoting more time to self care this year. More time spent on looking after my skin, more time spent looking after myself and my mental health. More time spent with better people, and less time giving more than enough time to people who don’t deserve it. I’m one of those people that wears their heart on their sleeve a lot, and I got burned for it. I don’t want to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt or the chance they deserve, but if you show me I’m not even on your radar for giving time to, then I’m not gonna bother. 

– keep things tidy

I’m a messy person by nature, I think. I haven’t lived in the biggest of places when I’m by myself, but they always devolve into some kinds of disarray. I’d really like to change that for 2018 and be more conscious about keeping things in order more, or tidier. Considering I’m planning on something big happening in April, I really need to get my shit together. 

– plan more

One of the things I was really annoyed at myself for last year was not keeping up with planning. I get overwhelmed really, really easily, and a lot of that comes from the fact that I either take on too much, or set too many Big Goals for a Short Space of Time. My foresight isn’t always that great, so I’m definitely going to be taking more time to plan so I can tackle things in a more reasonable manner. I also want to plan in more time to see people, and enjoy things. I haven’t had the concept of time to plan for a lot, other than weekends, this year because work has been pretty damned demanding, but come my next contract I’ll have more time on my hands to work with. I’m excited. 

– put more good energy into the world

I spent a lot of 2017 flip-flopping from being really happy and mostly care-free, to being a bit of a wreck. Things happened which made it hard for me to see the good in what I had, and it snowballed into a large stormcloud that I couldn’t quite shift. I’m trying very hard not to use the words ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ because trying to be sunshine-y and energetic and positive all the time isn’t healthy for me. I’m a person who likes to evaluate, I like to balance and be balanced, and I’m very aware that trying to maintain a consistently positive outlook is very, very wearing and Not Balanced. So I’m focusing more on putting out Good Energy, because it breeds just as rapidly as positivity, but it has more room, more space, and fewer restrictions than positive. 

It’s also my tribute to the passing of SHINee’s Jonghyun at the end of last year. I’ve not spoken about it much, but I was hit hard by it. Harder than a lot of the other celebrity deaths that have happened recently because it meant more to me, I guess. But he was such a good, kind-hearted person that I think even trying to be a little bit like how he was in his willingness to learn and his pure generosity to be there for the people that meant the most to him, is me doing my little bit for his legacy. 

winter outfit inspiration fashion blogger

style inspiration winter cold weather

style inspiration winter cold weather

[what I’m wearing

Wow, well. Start as I mean to go on I guess. These were taken at the end of November last year, so really it’s me carrying on into the new year dressing mildly inappropriately (I’d laddered my tights, so uh, no tights here and it had snowed) but trying to stay cute. Tennis skirts abound. 

I picked both of these items up in a pretty epic ‘winter’ haul in Edae. Needed warm clothes, came out with tennis skirts… but the green jumper is gloriously cosy. It’s that soft furry material that means it’s going to be an absolutely nightmare to clean, but it’s definitely warm. And it’s such a beautiful shade of emerald green. It’s from Star101, if you were wondering. 

The skirt is from uni210 I think, which is one of the stores in Edae, and I got it because I basically fell in love with how it was styled in the shop. Pink and grey and cream and white and fluffy and fuzzy furs and hello I am sold. Also, it’s a much more durable, heavy fabric than my summer tennis skirts so actually it’s not that bad. 

My trusty aviator jacket that I got all those years ago is still  going strong. It’s still keeping me toasty and is probably the most durable, goes-with-everything coat I own, whilst still keeping the Korean chill off me. Seriously, get yourself an aviator. 

I mean it.]

I have a few other little things on both fronts that I want to achieve this year, but those are the Big Five that I’m going to do my utmost to keep for 2018. Wish me luck!

Also, as I said, if you have any suggestions of things you want to see (either new, or old, I have a lot of footage from last year), don’t hesitate to tell me! I love creating for a purpose, even if only one or two people want to see. 

Finally, let me know if you’re setting any goals for 2018! I’d love to hear about them. 

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