Transitioning into spring

spring ootd uk fashion blogger bomber jacket pinafore dress white trainers


It’s been a mix of really alright-but-still-fecking-freezing and holy-shit-no-i’m-not-leaving-my-flat weather, recently. And adding that to wow-hi-there-dissertation-wait-no-what means that, uh, my life is uni and study and uni and class and uni and THE DIAMOND and possibly the SU. Not the Winter Gardens or non-slightly-disgusting-70’s-architecture. Rome cannot come fast enough. (Yay Saturday).

But today was nice and sunny and the 2nd part of my mixxmix order arrived so I decided that I wanted to Look Cute and get tea with Sian before Easter Break started. I mean I’m doing the exact same thing tomorrow but it’s been so loooooooooooong since I’ve had a chance to just sit and chill and catch up and not have to be studying.

I mean I really should be studying but I want just one day dammit.

spring ootd uk fashion blogger bomber jacket pinafore dress white trainers

spring ootd uk fashion blogger bomber jacket pinafore dress white trainers

sunglasses: c/o firmoo

jacket: taobao

shirt: mixxmix

pinafore: topshop

socks: mixxmix

shoes: newlook

bag: ebay

spring ootd uk fashion blogger bomber jacket pinafore dress white trainers

I’m going to do a post/video where I sing the praises of mixxmix because holy hell I am so horrifically in love with the brand it’s actually unreal. Good quality everything everywhere and urgh baes. Help. They also sell magazine at decent prices and I’m all for that bc shipping costs of Korean magazines to the UK is actually financially crippling. 

I’ve worn this pinny in a few ootd‘s now, but it’s something that I’ll always and forever love in my wardrobe. I love skater skirts, and how cute any sort of top looks with the pinny upper. I chucked on my trusty Taobao bomber, as it’s such an easy style of jacket to style with anything, and added my New Look white trainers for more of a versatile look. I’ve been wearing these a ton because heels + hills  = 1) fking annoying sometimes and 2) I need to give my feet a break sometimes. Also I’m trying not to be chronically late to class. 

How cute are these socks though?! They’re a usual cotton foot, yet on the ankle they’ve got a mesh section with ‘GIRLS’ stitched in. I love mesh socks, or ‘crystal’ socks as they’re sometimes called, they’re really cute and instantly add a lil’ twist o’ somethin’ different to your footwear game.

If you want to read more about my fab new sunglasses courtesy of Firmoo then I’d suggest you hop on over to my Firmoo review. I love them. All the blue mirror lenses prz.

cute transitional outfit for spring ft mixxmix

Let me know what you think of this outfit! I’m so glad that the Easter holiday is nearly here, although I’m going to be doing so much uni work through it it’s a nice break. I’m ready for it. 

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13 responses to “Transitioning into spring”

  1. Vicki Skitt says:

    You look flaaaaaawless, I'm loving the sun, shame I'm sitting inside 8 hours a day while it's shining on my desk sobsLove Vicki |

    • Fii Cridland says:

      awwh thank ya darlin'! Hopefully you'll get to venture outside for a lil bit of sunshine sometime soon (if it stays for us) xo

  2. Lois Scott says:

    I literally love this outfit! I need those socks in my life!Lois |

  3. DiagonSally says:

    I love your outfit, especially that Pinafore. I think I saw it in Top Shop but I'm currently on a spending ban so I didn't buy it! 🙁 Sally – DiagonSally

  4. Kimberley Louise Smith says:

    Goddamnit girl how are you so cute. That pinafore is adorable and I'm in love with your sunglasses xxKimberley //

  5. Martha Edwards says:

    I loooove this little pinafore look! So so cute xMartha Jane |

  6. Sophie R says:

    Such a cute look xxSophie |

  7. Meg Siobhan says:

    This is such a freakin' cute outfit. Just like you tbhMeg | A Little Twist Of…

  8. Jess Dorman says:

    My love for this pinafore is strong! <3Jess @

  9. aimee cottle says:

    Such a cute outfit, I love the socks! x x

  10. Darcy Dionyves says:

    Love the socks and slogan tee! x x

  11. Heather Nixon says:

    Such a cute pinafore dress xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

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