The Food Series: Mexican Food – Sheffield

I’m always up for finding new places anywhere, and I really enjoy sharing the good places that I’ve found, as you can probably tell. There are so many great places to explore all over the world, and while it isn’t exactly my mission to find every single one, I can at least bring you a couple of my favourites. *cat face emoji* So if you’re ever up Sheffield way, and are having a craving for Mexican food, I’ve got you covered with this post.

Las Iguanas – West One complex

This is pretty much my go-to restaurant when my parents are up in Sheffield. It’s got a great 2-for-1 lunchtime cocktail menu – actually the entire lunchtime menu is ace. Serving things from creamy mushroom starters to signature ‘flaming bird’ burritos, if you haven’t tried a Las Iguanas yet  why not? Not liking Mexican food is not an answer, sorry to say.

I’ve now officially tried all of the non-alcoholic coolers, and the raspberry is definitely my favourite. The citrus is really refreshing, and the tropical is the one my dad always orders.

I only took a photo of my sisters, but my family was ridiculously adventurous and all chose to order the same thing. So 4 of the same dish would’ve probably looked a tad repetitive.

I’ve never been to this restaurant when it’s busy, so I honestly haven’t ever had to wait that long for food and drinks. The staff are super attentive, and the atmosphere is really nice. They’re also really student friendly, which is another tick on my list.

There are two Las Iguanas branches in Sheffield, the West One complex and the restaurant in Medowhall.

The Great Gatsby – Division Street

I‘ve only ever eaten here once, in fact, I didn’t know this place even existed until this summer. Funny thing, that. I think I need to spend more time along Division Street if it has little gems like this hiding there. It’s a really cosy little pub; true rustic furnishings and lovely staff. The menu isn’t extensive, but what they serve they do well. I ordered the quesadillas and a side of cheesy chips to share, we ended up getting free nachos because the kitchen was out of one of the dishes we ordered. The Curse of Small Venues I guess, but hey, free nachos

Everything came out piping hot and oh-so tasty, I was genuinely surprised with the presentation and quality, given the fact that the items on the menu are really affordable.As in, good surprised – much exceeded expectations, although I didn’t really have any thoughts about The Great Gatsby before setting foot inside. I’ll definitely be going again though. Hopefully soon.

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