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The fact that so many people are doing blogmas or the youtube equivalent of vlogmas, in varying forms, is making me ridiculously happy. Although I wasn’t planning for a stressful december, I’ve got one, and setting aside time at the end of the day to catch up on everyone’s Christmas-y happenings really helps me to switch off, wind down, and not thing about how hard I’m going to have to adult the next day. 

(It’s a scary amount, some days.)

But, with so many people doing daily or weekly content creation in the name of all things festive, it’s hard to either find time to read or watch everything, or even work out who you’d enjoy reading or watching in the first place (especially if it’s your first year). Especially as there are a lot of really fab creators that don’t necessarily have the reach of Christmas Queen, Zoella. 

So I thought I’d share the bloggy love – it is Christmas afterall – and list a couple of my favourite blogmas and vlogmas posts so far from the first week of December.


LJLV – Lucy’s doing blogmas in her own way, a little bit of Christmas with think pieces and her daily looks thrown in for good measure. I love the way Lucy writes, it’s so heartfelt, I’m really glad to see she’s tackling the blogmas challenge this year. 

rush & teal – OK so I only found Allie’s blog when we bumped into each other in a twitter chat, but holy salted caramel chocolate, batman!, where have I been? How did I miss this? Rush & Teal is a beautiful blog (she’s also got a youtube, aye), and the blogmas content features gift guides, christmas films, and some very festive lifestyle content. Go have a snoop, you won’t be disappointed. 

katybelle - when you're doing christmas on a tiny budget
from katybelle.co.uk: when you’re doing Christmas on a tiny budget

katybelle – If you’re looking for something a little less in your face re: Christmas cheer, then I’d thoroughly suggest giving Katy’s blogmas series a read. It’s got handy little tips for doing Christmas on a tiny budget (like any other #brokegrad or #brokestudent out there: bookmark for future reference) alongside recipes for no bake gingerbread truffles. No. Bake. Gingerbread. Truffles. I’ll take 500 plz. Katybelle is one of those places on the internet that just makes you feel calm, so I’d stick around for the read. 

pass for fass – Millie’s blog is another that just makes you feel all cosy. Her blogmas series so far has featured a few of her Christmas favourites (I’m so with you on the lights!), and chocolate pancake puffs. I’m officially in love with all the recipe posts coming out at the moment, especially those that I haven’t seen at all before. Here’s to lots of Christmas baking – and some chocolate pancake puffs for all

vixmeldrew – VIX DOING BLOGMAS IS LIKE CHRISTMAS COMING EARLY. By now I think we’re all familiar with Vix’s trademark wit and humour (if you’re not, well, get on that), and her doing blogmas is all of that and more. She’s got a fab post on 2016 being ‘the year of realizing stuff’ – which is such a fabulous post to read as it really makes you think – as well as tips to slay your work Christmas ‘do (always terrifying), and a gift guide for all the single gals (ta muchly). I’m so happy that 1) SHE’S DOING BLOGMAS but also that 2) Vix has accomplished so much in 2016 that rounding it off like this is like the cherry on the cake. 


heyclaire – I’m a massive fan of Claire’s channel in general; her style of editing is really slick and clean without being too glossy, and she manages (somehow) to keep that even in her daily content. Her vlogmas series has started off with some travel (a day in Paris, some time in London), and I’m really excited to see what she has in store for the run up to Christmas. Oh, also Bruce, her cat, features; so if the editing and the travel didn’t sell you then maybe you’ll tune in for a cute black kitty. 

megan ellaby – a pretty recent find (about … August? I think) for me has been Megan’s channel. She’s got a really raw and grungey feeling to her video content – also her blog is gorgeous – and watching her feels like you’re round for a cup of tea with a mate. Her vlogmas content is weekly, but you get a pretty hefty dose of festive cheer from the week. 

jessica ayton – or IAMFOXXTAILZ is doing weekly vlogmas this year! Her youtube and her blog content is really fun, so I’m glad to see that she’s diving back into the youtube game with weekly vlogs alongside her more ‘main’ videos. 

extrasunbeamjess – I am honestly in awe of all the kids who manage to put out daily content whilst being in full time education, and Jess is one of those people. Her vlogmas content (as with her main channel content) is always really homey and cosy, even with her travelling across the country for various reasons. It’s also nice to the the behind the scenes of people who do fab fashion content, though ultimately Jess is a really lovely girl and her vlogmas is really easy to chill out and watch. 

Kicki Yang Zhang – Another channel I only really discovered recently, but I really like Kicki’s content. It’s cute and artsy, and her vlogmas series so far has seen her explore London as she works with Asos. I really enjoy watching foreign youtubers explore British cities, mostly for their reactions on our take on things, but also because once you’ve been to see all the tourist spots as a native, or just spent the majority of your time in major cities being really really busy, the magic and the appreciation of being in that city dies a horrible death, and watching the touristy vloggers restores some of that magic for me. 

I know there are many more fab bloggers and vloggers embarking on the daily creation train (I’m one of them, if you want to catch up with my vlogmas you can here!) – but this is only a roundup of those I’ve been loving this week. As I said, December isn’t leaving me as much time as I thought it would – so if you have any suggestions of who to read or watch, or who your favourites are so far let me know!

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  1. Lucy Love says:

    THANK YOU GIRL <3333I'm so glad you're enjoying my content, it's stressing me out a little but less than I thought it would do which I'm pleased about! I'm also SO GLAD to see so many of my favourite gals included in this list too 🙂 I love our little community so damn much :)<33

  2. Jessica Ayton says:

    Aww fii this means so much to me! I struggle with YouTube and think I come across as bland hahaa. Thank you so so much for including me with all these mega babes ^_^ I watched your first instalment yesterday, looking forward to the rest of your content xx

  3. Princ3ssJasmin3 says:

    So many people are doing blogmas/vlogmas! Although I'm not doing it, I admire all those doing it!! xxJasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  4. The Sunday Mode says:

    Brilliant round up, although this completely reminds me of how behind I am on watching people's vlogmas videos and reading blogmas content. Vlogmas especially I always really look forward to so I can't believe that so far I haven't really gotten around to watching many videos. http://www.thesundaymode.com

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