Heart on her sleeve

how to style gyaru suspender skirt
Seasonably appropriate clothing, do I own it? Probably the title of my outfit memoires, to be honest. The answer is yes, of course, but sometimes the need to be cute outweighs the need to be practical. This leads to a wildly confused wardrobe, but hey. I likes what I buy, and I buy what I likes. 

cute autumn fall outfit inspiration

Suspender skirts are a bit of a gyaru staple. A few years back I saw some that Liz Lisa had released and instantly fell in love, mostly coveting from afar since I hadn’t known then how to either use a shopping service to ship things to me, discovered TaoBao properly, or even been to Asia. The skirt I’m wearing here isn’t Liz Lisa, but it’s incredibly similar in cut and style to the real deal, and a beautiful burgundy colour. 

I found it on TaoBao (see that January TaoBao haul) – for those that don’t know what TaoBao is, it’s the Chinese language version of Aliexpress – and I really do adore it. It’s the perfect colour to wear into autumn, all warm and cosy, and would look really really cute with black opaques, fluffy knee highs or OTK boots. It is a tad bit short, though, the originals of these sets come with undershorts as part of the set styling (as well as a blouse or shirt), and they weren’t available with the listing I ordered from, but if I see them floating around I’m definitely getting them. For now I make do with Forever21 lace edged shorts underneath. 

The sweater is, again, from TaoBao. An absolute gem – it goes really well with this skirt, I think. The drop shoulder creates this cute ballooned sleeve effect, which is my take on this whole massive bell sleeve trend currently making waves. It also has adorable applique pink hearts on the sleeve side too, which I haven’t seen anything like in the UK yet. It’s such a fab lil’ sweater, a little light for the temperatures we’re heading to, but great for layering. 

cute autumn fall outfit inspiration

suspender skirt: taobao

heart applique sweater: taobao

shoes: taobao

socks: h&m

shorts: forever21

cute autumn fall outfit inspiration

I usually try and mix and match the pieces I pick up from various hauls, but it seems that this is basically the TaoBao outfit of the day. Ahah, oops. I do have a couple of blouses to try this skirt with too, so I hope they look just as cute!

Let me know what you think of this outfit – and have you ever shopped from TaoBao before?

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2 responses to “Heart on her sleeve”

  1. Andini Ria says:

    You are the absolute cutest! I'm obsessed with this outfit on you, I love the gyaru style but how it's not too over the top. Colour is so perfect for autumn too! I've never heard of Taobao before but I've always admired Liz Lisa clothing from afar <3Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. Carina Chung says:

    Omg babe you look so good! I love shopping on taobao especially for clothes that are currently on trend but sometimes my not be my style for like years to come :)BUT OMG I LOVE YOUR LOOK HERE 🙂 I could never pull it of xx♡ Carina – Blog // YouTube

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