Day 1 Street Style – LFW SS16

london fashion week street style

So London Fashion Week has begun, and the street style this year is on point. Let’s not talk about how fun it was that my train was delayed, and the consequences of that delayed train, I might cry. Instead, lets look at allllll the pretty people wearing pretty clothes. Because there were a lot out there today. There were also a lot of cars, taxis, vans, the occasional lorry, but hey, what’s a bit of danger to scare you into getting that perfect shot.

Or be flattened.

Keeps us on our toes.

My main aim for the season is portrait work and details – what do you think of my shots?

I’m really loving using my 50mm lens. And I’m also really proud of these. What do you guys think? Or give me a challenge – what do you want to see?

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