Tuff Love

tuff love bubble tea ootd

tuff love bubble tea ootd

tuff love bubble tea ootd

tee – c/o tuff love

shorts – forever21

boots – doc martens clemency

I’ve been meaning to post about this tee forever, but whenever I had the time to do shots, the tee was in the wash. Which probably says something about how much I wear this tee, and also how well it holds up against … well, life, really. I practically lived in this shirt-short combo during my travels in Slovenia (packing light + heat + all the walking doesn’t make for a lot of clothing options), and the fabric is just the softest. 

The design is also really different to anything I have in my wardrobe – it’s bubbles from the deciduous collection* –  oh and while we’re on the topic of tee designs, Tuff Love’s are all unique, seeing as Naomi (the Tuff Love creator) designs them all herself. Talented lady. Anyway, tees. The top has this ‘all over branch print with contrasting sections of colour, in hues of blue, purple and peach’. And I bloomin’ love peach. 

The fit isn’t as oversized as I like my tees, but it is an extra small, which I guess means it doesn’t look like I’ve borrowed my dads clothes and started playing dress up. It also means I get to tuck it into all the things without any weird bulk, which is super useful. 

Final thing – where the hell did the sun go???? Odd days of sunshine are not how I wanted this August to be *sadface*. It also makes me look super duper ghostly…

Hope your week has been going awesomely – what do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of tees? 😀

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  1. Carina G. says:

    You look so cool !Xoxowww.atwednesdaysiwearpink.blogspot.pt

  2. Katie says:

    well don't you just look as pretty as those flowers around you! Katie | Katies World of Beauty ♥

  3. Cincuenta y que says:

    Amazing pictures! :)love, Carmenhttp://cincuentayque.es/

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