A little renaissance – styling broderie anglaise

fii styling a white peasant / milkmaid style blouse with broderie anglaise detail

Alexa, play ‘Mamma Mia‘. Here we go again, with an outift post! Praise be to the styling gods!

Wow, Fii hasn’t quite entirely turned to the skincare side of things. I do still really care about fashion. A lot. I just haven’t had the motivation to go out and shoot things, let alone go through my wardrobe for possibly styling options, so obviously the motivation comes back on one of the hottest days of the Korean summer. Seriously. This day was a scorcher.

I have, however, had the motivation to add some really pretty summer pieces to my wardrobe. Korea has definitely hopped on the bandwagon with the dainty summer items – Broderie Anglaise, ruffles, ruching, chiffon, linens, and cottons – in off-the-shoulder, cropped, and tie-back shapes, plus a whole range of colours. Considering I’ve fallen a little bit in love with the whole renaissance-retro vibe of classic cuts and tailoring, summer-Fii has been very, very happy with what’s on sale recently. Very, very happy. All the styling options!

I saw this blouse in AAplace in Hongdae, the one on the corner where elCube and the Line Friends store used to be, opposite Forever21. AAplace is actually one of my favourite stores in Hongdae currently; it has a great variety of different styles for male, female, and unisex, is large enough that it doesn’t feel cramped with the layout, and most things are well priced.

The first time I saw the blouse, I loved it. It was heckin’ cute: off-shoulder, Broderie Anglaise, lace up front, puffy sleeves. But I wasn’t shopping for heckin’ cute summer tops. I was looking for some basics for a shoot that wouldn’t break the bank at short notice, and these types of stores have plenty of options. I saw this top, and then genuinely couldn’t stop thinking about it for the next two days. The details. The daintiness. The fact I needed it in my wardrobe. The fact I had so many styling ideas whirling around.

So I went back later in the week and purchased it. And was very very happy.

styling broderie anglaise summer fashion trends

The skirt, I picked up at Express Bus Terminal. I was shopping for FW19 Fashion Week, browsing through the racks for inspiration, and found this tulle skirt. I do love a good tulle skirt, and although this doesn’t have as much body as I’d like (serious poof is serious love), I thought the little gold stars were a sweet detail. It was 10,000won, and the neutral, cream colour means that it can work with a lot that’s already in my wardrobe.

I love how people style tulle with a hard edge to balance out the soft floaty nature of the fabric, but I really wanted to go all in with the fairy princess vibes so paired it with the white milkmaid-style blouse. Both of the items are made from light fabric, so I wasn’t sweating too badly in the ‘real feel 43 degrees’ heat, although I think if I wear this outfit again I might tuck the front of the blouse into the waistband of the skirt to define my waist a little better.

styling broderie anglaise summer fashion trends

I love the little frill detail for the hem on the blouse, too. It helps to tie all the elements together, and also make sure that the concealed zipper on the side stays concealed. Though they did a fab job of that when drafting the pattern and constructing the top, ’cause I didn’t even realise there was a zipper until the third time I wore it.

styling broderie anglaise summer fashion trends

The shoes were a Coupang purchase, literally about £7 or so. Fast fashion at it’s finest (I know), but I needed a pair of flat sandals for summer that were really easy to slip on and off, though not ‘tear your feet up’ terrible. I have worn these pretty much every day since I got them, so they’ve done pretty well considering monsoons are a staple of summer this year.

These photos were shot in Seongsu-dong (the Ttukseom end) area, which is beautiful if you’re planning a visit to Seoul anytime soon. KC and I were cafe hunting that day despite the heat, and weren’t disappointed at all by the places we found. You can watch the video here!

Let me know what you think about this outfit! <3 I also think that styling this type of top with some jeans would also look really cute… with a scarf tied in the hair for accessories… hang on I need to go and write that down…


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