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All-white outfits just look effortlessly stylish, period. I guess it’s in the same way that all-black outfits do, but more fit for summer, and white items match so easily with other colours – pastels for that complete-summer vibe; vibrant prints can be toned down; darks for a more autumnal feel; blacks for that monochromatic tres-chic look. So versatile.

Since I’m a hoarder of white tops – crops, basics, vests, slouchy, fitted, oversized, you name it, probably got one – I am woefully understocked in the white-bottoms department. No seriously, I have one skirt that is really more cream than white, a pair of three-quarter length leggings and some ancient capris. And that is it. It’s tragic.

It’s also sort of like the SS14 trends have smiled on me this year, hearing my cries of despair as I see all the cute, all-white coordinates on other people – not in my wardrobe (#shopaholicproblems) – and provided me with a variety of jeans, shorts and skirts to choose from. So I’ve compiled a list of my favourites to share with you!

***this is an old post and therefore a lot of the items featured here are no longer available***

First stop is missguided – and I’m just going to mention that I absolutely adore the new website layout – who have some really lovely things in right now.

White-out ft. Missguided

1: Edie High Waist Extreme Ripped Skinny Jeans in white – £29.99

    Combining two of my favourite things in 2014 here, high waisted items and ripped jeans. Oh and white in colour so make that three! Skinny’s to boot, so they’d look awesome if you go for a slouchy or oversize/boxy tee or crop.

2: Bridgette Disco Fit Skinny Jeans in cream – £24.99  

     I absolutely love these, disco pants look awesome on anyone, and they make your bum look ace. Not entirely sure how cream they are, since my laptop display is showing them as white as anything, so colour matching to other white items may be a bit tricky, but still, these are definitely on my wishlist!

3:  Neela Premium Tailored Belted Shorts in cream – £17.99

    I do love a good pair of tailored shorts. These are also high waisted (are you noticing a theme here…) so would be perfect to wear with a crop top to add a bit of that extra tailored style. I think at nearly £18 they’re a bit expensive though.

4: Charlette White Curve Hem Mini Skirt – £14.99

    The curve hem trend is really cute, in my opinion. I always have problems with my bodycon skirts hiking up my legs in that rather unwanted way they do, and I’m always a little bit conscious that they’re a tad too short in the back. (They never are, but still!) Curve hem skirts work wonders to eliminate that worry for me, it’s like the slinkier version of the dip-hem/high-low trend we all enjoyed last summer. Awesome.

5: Lennia Wrap Over Mini Skirt in cream – £9.99

   An absolute steal if you ask me! I never really knew what to think about the envelope-hem/asymmetric skort trend, some looked ok, some looked terrible – but I’m totally on board with this wrap-skirt thing. And at under £10 I am grabbing this stat!

Next up is Boohoo – nice transition to the white layout, super fitting with my white-out theme ahah.

white-out ft. boohoo

1: Faziah Boyfriend Jeans – £25

   These have that really nice, slouchy kind of feel to them – perfect for a lazy summer. The ripped detailing is totally on trend right now, in case you couldn’t tell (it’s everywhere).

2: Rose Ripped Stretch Jeans – £20

    I do like the word ‘stretch’ in relation to my jeans, although I’m not sure if that would mean it would be a good idea to size down for these. More ripped detailing but more low waisted than my picks from missguided, so I probably wouldn’t style this with any super teeny crop tops, unless you enjoy having your belly out ahah.

3: Lola Slim Leg Stretch Cotton 7/8th Trouser – £20

   I’ve been liking the idea of tailored trousers more and more recently, thought I’m still not entirely sure I could pull them off as they tend to be quite business-y. But I think these would be a nice way to freshen up any wardrobe, especially mine.

4: Mia Mesh Insert PU Skater Skirt – £15

   I know the PU trend isn’t for everyone (leather-look anything-that-is-not-a-jacket makes my mum cringe), but this is probably my favourite white skirt I’ve seen. So sad it isn’t available in my size – I’d snap it up so fast! The mesh insert just before the hem is so cute and flirty – it’s something I’ve been seeing in Korea an awful lot but haven’t really seen anything I’ve liked enough to try.

5: Harriet White Skinny Combat Style Jeans – £15

   Something a little bit different again, but I think these are quite cute and casual. Probably not to everyone’s tastes, but I think the skinny leg removes the usual boyish-ness of a combat trouser, and adds a similar effect to the Lola trouser, without it being a trouser.

Only one thing from Romwe really caught my eye, these high waist slim white shorts for £12.80, another absolute steal. I also really love the styling of them with that holographic crop top!

Wildfox is a new addition to my wishlist brands. Generally because it’s quite a bit out of my usual price range for apparel (unless it’s shoes, we all know how much I love my shoes). But their white items in the bottoms category really caught my eye.

white-out ft. wildfox

1: The Marianne in colour coconut – $169

   Wildfox’s signature jean style in white. Comfy, elegant, simple. Ace, if you ask me. I’ll just be sitting over here crying at the price tag (and the faux front pockets).

2: The Marianne in colour Star Buster – $199

   Nearly $200 for a pair of jeans – I must be mad. But the hand painted rainbow at the knee is really cute! If you’re looking for a splurge piece, I’d definitely pick this.

3: 70’s Wildfox Groupie Skirt in vintage lace – $108

   Anything remotely maxi usually has me running away because I just do not have the height for full length anything. And this skirt is probably no exception to that rule, but it just looks so pretty with the way it drapes. So summery.

If only I had unlimited money and wardrobe space *whimsical sigh*.

Which is your favourite white-out white piece? I’d love to hear your thoughts

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