Savories at Gelato Sheffield

gelato original savory food review crepe melts

The last time I chatted about Gelato Original, I was singing the praises of the mega plates of sweet ice cream and fresh fruit filled crepes. Still fab, by the way. But today I’m bringing you my thoughts on their more savory menu collective, since they do both desserts and actual meals now. With salad and everything.

Still had crepes, though.

gelato original savory food review crepe melts

gelato original savory food review crepe melts

Crepe melts and tea were the orders of the day – after I grabbed Sian, did some quick outfit shoots and sat around in the wind tunnel that is the road in between The Diamond and ICOSS. Oh Sheffield, when will you not be trying to kill me with your weather. 

We were far too chilly for gelato, and thought that it would be unwise to order dessert when Sian had work later, and I would be busy procrastinating researching my dissertation. Clearly we were possessed by actual sensible people for the ordering, because turning down dessert never happens. Anywho, we ordered two crepe melts: surf n turf (chicken and prawns) for Sian, and tuna & mozzarella for me. With tea. 

gelato original savory food review crepe melts

gelato original savory food review crepe melts

Still as decently priced as ever, and ridiculous in size, our melts arrived toasty warm with chilli dipping sauce and a small side salad. Which Sian was happy that she’d actually eat, because it was a nice, crisp side salad. Well done Gelato, well done. 

The restaurant endeavours to make everything on site with fresh ingredients, so you can expect more of a home cooked feel than a lot of places. Not quite pub food, and not quite fine dining, you get so much for your money here, it’s fab. Service always comes with a smile, and the waitresses and waiters are more than happy to help accommodate your needs. They’ve also updated their menu with new things and new sections that make me very happy, so no doubt I’ll be heading back ridiculously soon. 

Soz bank account. 

Have you eaten anywhere worth shouting about this week? Let me know! 

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  1. Meg Siobhan says:

    Excuse me whilst I dribble. Looks delicious!!Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  2. Jessica Edmunds says:

    I've never had a savoury one before but now I don't eat meat I am causing myself severe issues with missing out on delicious food haha xxx

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