[KBEAUTY] A slight ode to PeriPera

peri pera korean beauty brand review

If there’s one brand that has risen the proverbial ranks quicker than winter has descended upon South Korea, then it is PeriPera. It’s a brand that I’ve enjoyed using bits from in the past; I have one of their Heart Glow Stick Highlighters (shade #1, Pink Beam, sadly discontinued) that has lasted me for literal years, and I’ve occasionally had their tints in my lip collection, but nothing quite to the extent that I have – and probably most of Korea has – now. 

I mean, I’ve thoroughly fallen in love with them. 

PeriPera is the little sister brand of Clio Cosmetics / Club Clio, started in 2005, targeting the younger consumer market with a more ‘fun’ range and a strapline of ‘instant beauty’. They’ve had a run of good collaborations in their time as a brand so far, with the artist Mari Kim, Frozen and more recently the PowerPuff Girls, but from what I’ve seen and experienced, they’ve never had all that much power as a standalone. It wasn’t until this year (2017) that PeriPera actually got their own store, they’ve just been stocked in Clio’s, Olive Young’s, Watsons, and LOHB’s. 

Thankfully, though, the Ink Velvets definitely seem to be strengthening PeriPera’s power. I say thankfully, because the brands’ products are good. Anyone who knows Clio products, knows that the selling point is pigmentation in their colours and the sheer staying power of their products, which definitely translates to PeriPera‘s lines. That highlighter I mentioned I had? Part of the reason it’s been knocking around in my makeup bag for an age is because I don’t wear highlighter all that often, but when I do, that Pink Beam definitely beams. 

PeriPera also has the benefit of being ridiculously affordable. I think the most expensive item in any of their ranges is 24000W, which is around £17, but most of their products fall into the 5000W-15000W range keeping them competitive with the other brands targeting their audience. Which is fab, because you’re paying for pretty decent quality stuff, especially with their newer releases. 

peri pera korean beauty brand review

So, things I’m loving right now? 

peri pera korean beauty brand review
I definitely hopped on the Ink Velvet bandwagon. I’m strapped in, and it’s got to a point where I’m probably never going to fall off. They’re super easy to wear, have an ever increasing range of colours, and come in five different styles: peri’s ink velvet, airy ink velvet, peri’s ink moist, cloud ink velvet, and peri’s ink (original) – which I’ve grouped together here because I’m not entirely sure if the peris’ ink and peri’s ink original have the same finish. PeriPera also played a pretty smart brand tactic and threw in limited seasonal releases where you get different product ‘toppers’ that sit on top of the ‘ink dropper’ part of the lid. You can’t see what topper you get before you buy, which plays into Korea’s slight obsession with collecting things. I totally wasn’t swayed into buying more Ink Velvets because of the Snowglobes they’ve put on them for the Pearly Night range. Not at all…

My favourite type is the ‘airy ink velvet‘, since I find them to be a little less intense and more wearable for work without the kids cottoning on I’m wearing lip products and asking if I have a date. I tend to go pretty minimal with my makeup for work, but sometimes it’s nice to add a little extra without it being entirely noticeable. I also have colours from the ‘peri’s ink velvet’ range, but none from the ‘ink (original)’, ‘cloud ink’ or the ‘ink moist‘ lines. I’m going to do a review of the ink velvet colours that I have soon, so keep an eye out for that! 

peri pera korean beauty brand review

I’m also loving the PeriPera airy ink foundation, too. I haven’t worn a ‘foundation’ since I was about 17 years old (other than for photoshoots), as usually I opt for BB or CC creams or cushions. Generally I’ve always found foundations to feel to heavy or break me out, but the airy ink foundation is basically like wearing a BB cream. Their first shade (01 Ivory) is also a pretty damned good colour match for me, which is something I’ve really struggled with finding in the world of base products over here. [Full review: soon]

peri pera pearly night range highlighter #2 pink champagne beam
Keeping with the face products, the minute the Pearly Night stand appeared in the Clio stores I was hovering around it like a moth to a flame. You’ve already seen the airy ink velvets with the little snowglobe toppers, but my real draw was the Pearly Night Ink Highlighter in #2 Pink Champagne Beam. It is  s t u n n i n g. Both in the bottle and on the face. It’s got the beautiful iridescent, almost holographic shimmer to it, and I was deeply moved. I’m probably going to pick up shade #1 eventually. [Full review: soon]

peri pera korean beauty brand review
Finally, the eyeshadows have hooked me in as well. I’ve never been one for eyeshadow wearing (my daily makeup routine takes about 10 minutes in total), as it scares me, but I’ve been trying to wear more of it lately. I really love how the Koreans are doing this ‘one colour’ trend, which is just a wash of colour blended out across the lid, as it gives absolute eyeshadow noobs like me a chance to wear some and still look mildly en vogue. Again with the ink line, I’ve fallen head over heels for this Ink fitting eyeshadow in #16 Peach Candle. It’s such a pretty peach shade with some shimmer going through it (in Korea, they call shimmer shades ‘pearl’), and it’s been a perfect starter shadow for me as you can wear it really subtly or build up the colour where you want it to be. It’s also quite cute to use s a blush/highlight because product versatility! 

peri pera korean beauty brand review

I guess if you couldn’t tell already, I really do love the PeriPera brand. It’s such a fun little sister brand of quite a professionally tailored Korean beauty label, and even though it hasn’t got quite the size range of it’s competitors, what it does have it does really well. There are some products that I’m really wanting to try (like the apricot moist tone up cream, the blur pang milk blurs, the blur pang whip BB cream, and the velvet cheek blush), and I hope that the brand keeps going from strength to strength. It’d be fab to see a product lineup the size of Etude House, or even A’pieu in the future. They’re a fab introductory brand if you’re wanting to get into Korean beauty brands, too! 

Have you tried PeriPera before? If you have, what’s your favourite product? If you haven’t what would you like to try? 

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  1. Aimee says:

    Great post, girly!I wasn't familiar with this brand, so it's nice to see something new 🙂

  2. Andrea Hale says:

    I looooove korean beauty products and I didn't know peripera. I'm really interested in the foundation. I prefer bbcreams as well bc foundations are too heavy. Looking forward for the full review 😉 xx

  3. Paola O - Makeupkpoper says:

    Hi ~~ I have some of the Peripera Airy ink velvet and love it! They are so soft and pigmented, I want the highlighter of their holiday collection.

  4. Miss Laven says:

    I have one of the velvet inks and I love the textue so much. I can totally see why you love this brand and their tints.

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