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Changing up my day to day routine and settling into a new one always makes my skin seem to go a little bit naff. Sucks when the largest changes – like, oh, um, moving back to uni – come at a time when I’d prefer my skin to be as ace as it was mid summer. Life tho, right?

I think everyone and their nan knows that when stuff starts heading south for my skin, I run for the sheet masks, and I was super duper happy that when Mati came to visit in September, she’d brought me some from Korea. Actual babe, since it’s harder for me to get some of my favourite sheet masks that were stocked in Olive Young. I was also gifted two packs from the lovely people at Timeless Truth when we went to the Bloggers Hangout Bloggers Love Fashion Week event that same week. I’ve been so excited to try them and see how they compare to the formulation of the Korean brands, so stay tuned for that!

timelesstruth sheet mask bee venom

timeless truth sheetmasks eyemask

New in masks: Shingmulnara facial therapy mask in Tea Tree, Honey,  Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Bee Venom + Royal Jelly Miracle Mask*, Timeless Truth multi-peptide Bio Cellulose Eye Mask*

I also have a Holika Holika Prime Youth EGF eye patch still to use, so I can compare both the styles of Timeless Truth masks to (one of) their Korean counterparts.

Have you tried either of these brands before? What are your thoughts on sheetmasks?

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9 responses to “New In: Sheetmasks”

  1. Fionna says:

    omg i really wanna try some of these. korean beauty products are the

  2. Charlotte Colours and Carousels says:

    My skin is SO awful right now, I'm blaming the changing weather. Like you said, it always happens at the most annoying times though! Which just adds to the stress levels… I haven't ever tried a sheet mask but I'd love to give one a go, I'm quite intrigued as to how well they work xxCharlotte / Colours & Carousels

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Since they're so intensely hydrated (it's basically like putting a wet sheet infused with goodness on your face) they do work quite well, since they're a topical treatment that the skin can soak in. My absolute favourites are honey, tea tree, and rice masks, as they have the best properties for my skin, but generally if I'm having a 'meh' skin day, I'll whack on one of my lesser faves and it'll sort out the hydration issue 🙂 x

  3. Jessica Edmunds says:

    I am so into korean skincare so love hearing about this sort of thing, my skin is a nightmare and because of my acne I used to dry it out so much it needs some moisture now! xxxBlondeOfCarbs♥

  4. Martha Edwards says:

    Ohhh these sound like something I can get on board with! Trying all sorts of skincare at the moment to try and get it under control! xMartha Jane |

    • Fii Cridland says:

      SHEET MASKKKKSSSSS will most definitely help!! Rice, tea tree and honey will sort out problem/prone to breakout skin in a snap 🙂 xo

  5. Chloe Butchers says:

    I love sheet masks, my favourite so far are from TonyMoly, but I'm trying to try as many new ones as possible! Guess I'll have to add these to the list 🙂 Chloe xSnug Corner

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Ahh generally each Korean brand's sheet masks are really good, as they're generally formulated in a really similar way. I'm slowly try to test all the masks from every shop ahah #wishesforalimitlessbankaccount xo

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