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YesStyle Top 10 Blogger sample box review
One of the things that really interests me is reading about other peoples’ ‘Top Ten of X’ lists; sometimes you can discover absolute gems of products or places that you would never have known about before. I also really love testing out products that are considered most bought or most popular from certain websites, to see if I love them as much as everyone else. 

On that front, YesStyle created a special blogger box* with the #YesStyleTop10 Korean beauty products and sent it along for me to try. As I’m a frequent shopper of Kbeauty from various places as I’m not in Korea at the minute, I thought it’d be a fab opportunity for me to show you what’s on offer. YesStyle also do sample boxes for Korean beauty products which I also suggest checking out if you like what’s in this post!

My first impressions of the box was that it was nice to see a range of products and brands. Sometimes businesses can really fob you off with sample, subscription or collated boxes, putting in the cheapest brands with the least expensive items. It makes me about as happy as vastly inflating the prices of affordable items – which isn’t very happy at all. Having products from Etude House to Laneige in here was a nice surprise, and makes me look quite favourably at their sample boxes. 

YesStyle top 10 etude house precious mineral bb cream review

Etude House (cf)

Three of the YesStyle Top 10 are products from Etude House. Hardly surprising, seeing as they are one of the most recognisable Korean brands – I wrote about them here – due to their princess themed shops and cutesy packaging. They’re probably the brand everyone starts off with due to their affordable nature and wide range of products. 

Precious Mineral BB Cream*

I, like many others, started my Korean beauty days with this BB cream. The packaging and formula has changed somewhat since those days, but it’s a lovely little lightweight base product that provides decent coverage. The box I got is in the 3rd shade, so too dark for me unfortunately, so I’d welcome suggestions of whether I should just pass it onto my little sister, or potentially put it in a giveaway? 

YesStyle top 10 etude house color my brow and collagen eye patch review
Color my brows brow mascara*

A new product for me to try, seeing as I haven’t purchased any brow mascara’s from Western or Eastern brands before. The colour is no1 light brown, which is proving to be a very good match for my brows. So far, the formula seems good and I’m enjoying it. Full review: soon. 

Collagen Eye Patch*
In the beautysphere, these sort of eye patches can divide opinions with as much ease as asking any brit how they pronounce scone. I’m not at all surprised to see it make the YesStyle Top 10, as it’s a ridiculously easy little pick-me-up for times when your under-eye area is looking mighty tired. I used to use these all the time in Korea – they won’t do much to reduce dark circles but they do reduce puffiness and add an extra boost of hydration when you’re in a bind. They come in individual sachets (as pictured), or multipacks if you’re in Korea. I’m definitely a fan.

berrisom oops cushion cheek tint and my lip tint pack first impressions review


Berrisom are a brand that’s been making waves recently with it’s incredibly popular lip stain and tattoo eyebrow products. They’re a fun brand in the way of packaging, and innovative in the way of products. The two that made it to the YesStyle Top 10 box were actually items that I’ve been dying to try.

Oops Tint Cheek Cushion*
This has been a product that I’ve added to my basket in countless Korean Beauty hauls… but I never quite committed to the purchase. It’s a shame I didn’t pick it up earlier because I’m a little bit in love. I received it in the shade sugar pink, and it’s adorable. The cushion applicator – yup it’s a cushion blush – is affixed directly to the product, so you have to dab it on your cheeks or the back of your hand to dispense. It’s a nifty little thing that is easy to take on the go too! Full review: soon.

My Lip Tint Pack*
Lip stains at the ready! My first foray into the stain side of lip products (I do love a good tint) comes in the way of My Lip Tint Pack in the shade Virgin Red. First impressions of the formula is that it’s very sticky: perfect to adhere onto the lips, and tacky enough to remove once it’s dried to reveal the stain underneath. It’s also brilliantly pigmented and I can’t wait to try it more seriously. Full review: soon.

yesstyle top 10 sheet masks


I’m Real Sheet Mask*
Hello, old faithful. Would it even be a K-beauty top 10 without mentioning a sheet mask? It’s like YesStyle read my mind when they packed my box – my absolute favourite sheet masks are the rice types, they sort your skin out so quickly. It’s fair to say that if you haven’t heard of TonyMoly by now you’ve been living under a rock.

macqueen new york korean beauty lip and cheek tint review first impressions

MacQueen New York

This is a completely new brand to me! I haven’t seen it before in Korea or on any of the portal sites I usually use to shop, but it’s nice to be introduced to new things via these sorts of boxes.

Cushion Tint – Lip & Cheek*
The MacQueen New York cushion tint is a product that doubles up for lip and cheek – perfect for many of the beauty trends that have been cropping up at fashion weeks recently. It’s this beautiful dusky pink colour – the shade I received is no.1 – and the packaging feels very weighty despite its small size. I’ve no idea where they’re getting ‘cushion’ from though – it’s very different from the cushion compacts I’ve had in the past, and miles away from the Berrisom cushion tint? The applicator is an incredibly soft stepped doe foot, so if it’s that then ok. The formula is pretty pigmented and blends quite easily when I swatch it, but I’m yet to use it properly. Full review: soon.

beauty people korean beauty brand eye liner review

Beauty People

Fast 10’s Gel Eye Liner Auto Pencil*
Another completely new brand to me, is Beauty People. It’s packaging is pretty standard and reminds me of the Ri_Re eyeliner I picked up in my last Korean Beauty haul: black with white writing, very slick looking. The shade I received in this Top 10 box is Diamond Beige, which, I’ll admit, threw me for six. Beige is not a colour I’ve ever really considered for eyeliner before, but I’m all for a challenge and all for trying new things. Full review: soon.

laneige lip care sleeping mask review

Laneige (cf)

Oh how I’ve been coveting Laneige products. Beautifully packaged, wonderful formulas, fab collaborations… Most of my knowledge in Korean beauty started with a very very long sit-down sessions in Laneige, when I asked the staff to teach me all about skincare whilst I was still in Korea. Since then I’ve been doing the legwork myself, but I’ll always be thankful to the shop assistant who started off my skincare education. Laneige has always been a touch out of my price range, so I’ve had to lust from afar… until now.

Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask*
Intensely hydrating, this mask is one you apply before bed (sleeping mask) and it works to remove the dead skin cells to leave your lips supple the next morning. I’m forever dealing with cracked lips in the colder months – combination of not drinking enough fluids and existing skin ailments – so I’m hoping that this will come in handy for berry lip season or for matte lipstick days. Full review: soon. 

Tosowoong black-head nose pack first impressions review


Another of Korea’s higher end brands made it into the box! I’ve tried some Tosowoong items in the past and loved them, but they are a little out of my price range at the moment for regular purchasing.

Black-head Nose Pack*
For deep pore cleaning and black-head removal, Tosowoong have a handy box of 8 sachets to help the process. I don’t suffer from black-heads as badly now, but I do sometimes get build up around the nose area because my skin likes to play me. I’m very conscious of over-exfoliating due to my skin being very sensitive, done that in the past with off-the-shelf products in a bid to fight teenage acne, so these nose strips are likely to come in handy for days when I feel my pores might need a hand without the strength of a deep cleanse. You pop them onto a cleansed face/nose area, wait 15 minutes and voila. Full review: soon.

And that’s all 10 products! Crikey that was a tad long too – I hope this has been a helpful first impressions post. I’ll also be doing full reviews on the products at a later date to see how my opinions change. There’s also a video of the YesStyle Top 10 unboxing to partner this post if you’d like to watch!

Let me know what you think of the YesStyle Top 10! Have you tried any of these products before – if you have did you like them? If not, which do you think sounds most interesting? I’d love to hear.

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* – products marked with an asterisk have been provided for review. All opinions are my own. 


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  1. Cara E says:

    I really want to try more Korean brands, these all sound fab! The Berrisom packaging is so cute <3www.britishmermaid.com

  2. Alyse (J.X.L.) says:

    That is a lot of loot! I've heard great things about Etude House and Laneige products. I'm really keen on trying a few things from them both. This is a pretty impressive box, compared to some of the others I've seen.Alyse (J.X.L.) | Lumière & Lens

    • Fii Cridland says:

      It's a fab box isn't it! Etude does some really nice products – their packaging is super cute and they're a great place to start because the price is really reasonable. Anything from Laneige (literally anything, I don't think I've heard much in the way of negative reviews from their lines) is a decent investment! Their cushion bb compacts are *fabulous* 🙂 x

  3. Lizzie ♥ says:

    the more I see your posts on kbeauty, the more I want to try them out. I need to do a yes style order soon as they have the cutest shoes, so maybe I could slip some beauty stuff at the same time tehe…

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