Disney Takeover! (ootd)

disney ootd

Micky Mouse print vest: Star101

Shorts: forever21

Denim Shirt (not pictured, but worn): New Look

I have succumed.

It started slowly at first, a couple of cute and quirky pieces in forever21 and the darker corners of shops in Hongdae… then ‘Frozen’ happened and South Korea embarked on a full-out Disney addiction. I’m talking all your favourite characters on various articles of clothing, but in a non-7-year-old-straight-out-of-tammy kind of way. Like Micky Mouse’s body parts – and by body parts I mean hands and arms and ears – artfully printed on your t-shirts in various gestures, the givenchy knock off popping up on sweaters and skirts (I’m still asking why… and then I saw people actually wearing it???), Goofy, Daphne Duck, Minnie Mouse and even the full entourage of the seven dwarves on your tops, bags and hats. It’s a full-scale epidemic. A literal Disney takeover.

So what did I do? I hopped right on that bandwagon thank you very much. (What? Disney is cute.)

Have you seen any Disney fashion cropping up anywhere that isn’t the Disney Store/Disneyland? What are your favourites that you’ve seen, or have you seen anything truly mindbogglingly horrific? I’d love to read about them~

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