Blogmas day 6 & 7

Most of the last two days have had me sat inside, avoiding the cold and the wet and the wind as I essay edit. So nothing much has really happened that’s especially blogworthy. Other  than meeting with a friend I haven’t seen in aagess last night. Much catching up to do with that girl, love her to absolute pieces. We were originally going to go into the city centre, and get some amazing pub food and chat, but that was apparently too far for our freezing selves, so we went to the student’s union to eat.

photo credit: interval cafe|bar facebook 

I haven’t explored my SU properly since I got back to Sheffield, which is a shame, it’s been voted best SU in various polls for a couple of years straight (#humblebrag), even when it was being refurbished in my 1st year. So it was my first time setting foot in the Interval, It’s a really nice space, and doesn’t feel like you’re in still in the union at all. Very swish, sophisticated and festively decorated for the Christmas season.

Mezze plates and side dishes were the meal of choice, which arrived in good time. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, since it’s Uni food, and therefore affordable and, well, we’re never really expecting much from uni food.

Sunday’s been good to me, I’ve had some great news (which will also be great for the blog, yaayy!!!), have managed to pretty much finish this Uni semester assignment wise 11 days early, and caught up with one of my closest friends abroad. Now I get to relax, travel, relax some more, and indulge with a cup of tea, curled up on the sofa watching all my guilty-pleasure shows. Ahhhh. 

What have you been up to this weekend guys? How are you all doing? Good and not too stressed, I hope.

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  1. Helen G says:

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  2. Amy Liddell says:

    Mmm these photos have made me so hungry! // UK Fashion Blog

  3. Rachel Marie says:

    the food looks YUM! xI've got a mac lipstick giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look :)

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