Bingsu at ‘The Snow’ – sinsadong

You can’t keep me away from Sinsa for long, it seems (22 days, to be exact), nor can you keep me away from one of my favourite summertime treats. Even when it’s chucking it down with rain. But bingsu is a calling and I cannot ignore…

The Snow is a chain store that sells frozen desserts and cold drinks, you can find other branches in places like Hyehwa – and I think there is still one in Hongdae, though I could be wrong there. Anyway, the price range is quite reasonable: 8000won for a standard bowl, 14,000won for a large. And the flavours on offer look ace.

The Sinsa branch restaurant isn’t too out of the way, it’s bright orange awning on the window and similarly orange sign make it quite easy to stand out – and the fact that it’s at a sort of half-basement level makes the cafe quite cozy. As with most of the smaller shops in Sinsa, size-wise, you’re not going to get a huge number of people in here, but  that’s quite the non-issue.

We picked the chocolate option, seeing as it’s always a safe bet and I still don’t think I’m entirely sold on the cheese version yet.


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  1. lulu lulus says:

    looks delicious <3

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