Korean Beauty One Brand Haul #1 – Etude House

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

I’ve been sitting on this idea for quite a while, to be honest. I’ve been totally in love with Ssin-nims One Brand makeup tutorials since she started doing them, and was trying as hard as I could to work out if I could do something similar whilst I was still in the UK. As you can probably guess, it didn’t exactly work out in the interim between finishing Uni and starting my actual job, but now I’m in Korea it is so much easier. 

Since I don’t have to cop for shipping or dodge import charges, I can actually bring you one brand hauls, coupled with one-brand ‘get ready with me’s’ over on my youtube. 

I asked on twitter which brand you’d like to see first, and the result was Etude House (english site) by a mile. Good choice guys; Etude House is very much the ‘starter brand’ for a lot of people wanting to get into Korean beauty and skincare since it’s really affordable, so this is a fab place to start. 

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

The damage was done in two stages; the bulk in one of the Insadong branches where everything is in Hangeul, and the extras in one of the smaller stores in Myeongdong. The total was around 90,000W for around 20 items. Not bad at all, considering only two or three of the items were on promotion. I already had the base products that I needed for a grwm, so I didn’t repurchase those as I 1) have better colour matches from other brands and 2) don’t need more base products right now. At all.

But not buying base products also proved to be a really good challenge for me, as that’s mostly what I buy in makeup stores. Base products and concealers. I get the occasional ‘point item’ – eyeliner, mascara – but I haven’t really been exploring lips or blush or eyeshadow recently. Which is actually incredibly sad. BUT THIS ONE BRAND CHALLENGE IS CHANGING THAT. 

I also decided to get two skincare items alongside the makeup, but I’ll get to those at the end.

For those who follow Korean Beauty brands, you’ve probably noticed that Etude is in the midst of a ‘rebrand’. From what I have since since I’ve been back in Korea (and from the release of certain lines even before I returned), it seems like they are trying to move away from the thoroughly princessy aesthetic and onto more of a ‘chic, fun, and girly’ concept. Everything is still very much pink, but it’s less princess heavy and a lot of their newer lines would work well for any ages, rather than just the younger teens. They’ve also brought out a lot of fun ‘DIY lines‘ where you can personalise your purchases, as well as developing the color lab (available in the largest Myeongdong store, and the Etude House store along Garosugil), where you can thoroughly customise your own colour palettes.  Another fab thing that they’ve been doing, that no doubt appeals to the wider global audience, is creating products that are more suited to different skin undertones. So they have items that work specifically for cool, neutral, and warm skin types now. I’ve been really excited by a lot of the things that Etude are doing to raise their game recently, so having them as the first brand seemed pretty fitting.

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics
Let’s start with eyes, as I’ve spoken about much I love Etude’s eyeliners before. Some of the lines – their Styling Eye Liner, and Oh My Eye Line liquid liner – are really inexpensive (under 5000W), long lasting, and basically fab value for money. I was really excited to try their super slim gel pencil liners, as they claim to be smudge proof, and wear very well.

I also decided to pick up some eye shadows, too. I’m not the biggest eye-shadowy-weary type person, mostly because I have sod all idea what I’m doing with it, but I do like the Etude House shadows. The packaging has never really caught my eye, considering it’s just clear plastic, but the shades have always been pretty. I also love how they have the option now to create your own palette! And the palettes themselves are super cheap for a cute little quad. So I decided to get four shades so I’d have something that I’d actually wear. You can create your own palette (choose from 4 colours – I got #04 Love Flamingo) by purchasing the Look at my Eyes shadows, and use a sharp object to remove the pans from the packaging.

Considering eye shadows are also still slightly daunting, I decided to get one of the Play 101 Blending Pencils. The Play 101 line has really been the start of Etude House’s rebranding to less of the princess themed aesthetics, and more of the ‘fun and girly’. They have an increasing range of colours in the blending pencil range, but I’d been hankering over the shade #07 for a while. It’s a mauvey-pink shade that I hope will be OK for my ineptitude to do anything more than eyeliner.

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics
shadows from L-R: Fig Pound Cake, Honey Milk, (second row) Mini Peach, Cotton Dress

Purchased: Super Slim Proof Pencil Liner Gel in 08 Wine Burgundy and 02 Choco Brown

Styling Eye Liner in 03 Brown (I tend to use this as a contour shade)

Look at my Eyes Eyeshadow singles in BE102 Honey Milk, BR414 Fig Pound Cake, PP505 Cotton Dress, and PK010 Mini Peach

Play 101 Blending Pencil in #07

Shadow Palette (4 slot) in #04 Love Flamingo

What would a look be without eyebrows these days? I was hoping that I’d be able to pick up a brush or felt-tip like applicator, or even something a little bit different, as I’ve been dying to try some of the styles other brands have on offer, but it isn’t the easiest thing to colour match. I decided instead to get two of the Drawing Eye Brow pencils in  #03 Brown, and #07 Light Brown. I toyed with the idea of maybe getting one of the brush eyeliners to do my brows with, as I’ve been known to use both eyeliner and eyeshadow for my brows in the past, since a lot of designated brow products are often to light, too dark, or a little bit red tinged for me.  I’ve had one of the Drawing Eye Brow pencils before (despite the fact that they say ‘new’ on the website…) and do really like the fact there’s a spooly incorporated into the design (with a cap too, so the bristles are protected), and the pencil tip is shaped like a squashed teardrop to help with precision when drawing. I picked up two shades in the hopes that I could perhaps do some 3D brow wizardry, or just neutralise the ‘too dark/too light’ feeling.

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

Purchased: Drawing Eye Brow pencil in #03 Brown and #07 Light Brown

Moving on to face products, and the only thing I picked up was the Secret Beam Highlighter in the shade Pink and White Mix. I was eyeing up the blusher shades, but the only one that really took my fancy was a peachy-coral shade, but even then, not that much. A lot of Etude House’s blush products are pink, and I have a fair few pinks in my collection already. I’m holding out for the new shade that they’re releasing soon, to be honest.

The highlighter though, is very pretty. It comes in two shades, the Pink and White Mix shade is more suited to cooler skin tones since the shimmer is more silver, and the second shade is Gold and Beige Mix, which is suited to those that are warmer as the shimmer is gold tinted. It’s a pretty long standing product in the Etude line, which makes me wonder if I should’ve picked up one of their Glow serums, or beams pots instead, but hey, here we are.

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

Purchased: Secret Beam Highlighter in Pink and White Mix

Lip products are something that I think Etude House actually excels at. They have a pretty sizeable range of lines, with a lot of different shades and finishes so there’s probably going to be something for everyone. I like the fact that they’re moving away from the overly princessy case designs (they were pretty… but a little bit tacky) to appeal to a wider audience. Still pretty, but way more slick, or f8un and quirky depending on the line. I knew for definite that I would be picking up one of their ‘DIY’ lipstick products – the Dear My Gloss Tinting Lips-Talk line, as the case designs are all so cute, and I’m really liking this ‘customisable’ trend that has been in the Korean Beauty sphere for the past year or so. It makes everything feel that bit more personal.

I actually ended up picking up two of the Dear my Glass Tinting Lips-Talk cases and lipsticks. Well, technically three, since I ruined the first one because I forgot to take the plastic shield off the bullet before I put it in the case (remember to do that, please), but I’m pretty glad I did. The cases are 4000W each, and actually really good quality for the price, the lipstick inserts are 8000W, but I love that you can just repurchase, or switch them out if you want a change.

The cases I picked up are #19 Bitter and Sweet – which is quite possibly the best lipstick case ever, because the two halves of ‘Bitter Sweet’ are on separate parts of the casing, so I can hide the ‘sweet’ part if I want to, and keep ‘Bitter’ on show – and #14 나와라 깨비, which is the cutest little mint case with pink and white matchsticks. The lipstick insert colours I picked up are #PK007 Preppy Look Rose, and #PK006 Modern Chic Rose. As you can probably tell by the name (Glass Tinting) the lipsticks are more of a sheer or sateen finish.

The other lip product that I picked up was because I am a sucker for cute packaging. And WHAT IS CUTER THAN A LIP TINT THAT LOOKS LIKE A WATERMELON. NOTHING. NOTHING I TELL YOU. (Well…) The Dear Darling Tint range has been pretty popular since it was released,  currently there are six in the range, and they’re all super pretty. I picked up the shade RD307 Watermelon Red. I’ve tried it already and the pigmentation is pretty damned fab.

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

Purchased: Dear my Glass Tinting Lips-Talk case in #19 Bitter and Sweet and #14 나와라 깨비

Dear my Glass Tinting Lips-Talk lipstick in #PK007 Preppy Look Rose and  #PK006 Modern Chic Rose

Dear Darling Tint in RD307 Watermelon Red

The skincare items I picked up were things that weren’t exactly intended for a ‘one brand haul’, but I thought I’d include them anyway to show that Korean roadshop brands  are pretty comprehensive when it comes to cosmetics. They basically do everything. I purchased two things, the Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner, because 1) I needed a new toner since the Skinfood sample I had, and the sample of this toner I had, ran out. I really enjoyed using the Soon Jung sample I received in my last Korean Beauty Haul, so decided to get the medium sized version (80ml). I also got the AC Clean Up Liquid Patch since I’ve heard great things about the range – they’re apparently a pretty affordable dupe for anything Dr Jart. Considering I already have a cleanser I’m happy with, I decided to get the liquid patch for point treatment when my skin feels a bit icky. (Aka, pizza day at work, and my skin does not like dairy.) 

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

Purchased: Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner (80ml)

AC Clean Up Liquid Patch

Accessories were something I also decided to add to my basket. Etude has quite a nice range of brushes, sponges, and other fun devices to apply your makeup with, but I’ve really been loving using puffs recently. And this little trio from the My Beauty Tool Air Puff range were too cute to pass up. I also decided to get 3 of the Laugh Lines Care Patch because I wanted to see if it really did iron out any of the nasolabial impressions I have (ahaha the curse of having cheeks), and also because the design on the front was cute.

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics
etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

Purchased: My Beauty Tool Air Puf (3 Pack) 

Laugh Lines Care Patch x3

The last thing I have to share with you are the samples! A lot of the reason that I’m not a fan of using the western stockists to purchase korean beauty products from (think Urban Outfitters, Sephora, and Cult Beauty) are because they jack the prices of the products up for no reward to the actual consumer. Sure you might get points or perks for that specific store, but if you’re after Korean beauty products, it’s much better to shop from the brands direct, or through reputable stockists that actually provide you with the samples you get at the point of purchase. The samples are a great way to try other products from the brand, and at certain price points you actually get free gifts. I qualified for the brush holder which is currently Etude House’s free gift, but decided against it as I really don’t need more things in my apartment right now that are not enclosed storage. But, I was super happy with the samples I got!

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

Monster Micellar Water (for Face & Eyes) 25ml

Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner (sample size)

Pink Vital Water Facial Toner (sample size)

Sweet Pudding Tone Up Cream Sachet x3

Double Lasting Foundation Sample Sachet x 3 (2 x in NO6 Tan, and 1 x in YO4 Beige  drop me a message if you’d like to take these off my hands…)

Double Lasting Foundation Trial Kit – 4 Colours. 

Wonder Pore Freshner Tissue

And that is everything! Don’t forget to keep an eye on my youtube channel for the Etude House one brand Get Ready With Me / first impressions. Tony Moly was voted for as the next brand I’ll be doing over on twitter, so if you want to let me know which brand you’d like to see next, or if you have any suggestions, leave a comment down below!  

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts~ let me know if you’d like more in depth reviews of products also!

Buy Etude House products: Etude House (Kor) //  Etude House (Eng)

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