Sugarbaby ballet boppers in noir

sugarbaby ballet boppers noire review

The only Black Friday purchase I made this year was this: the sugarbaby ballet boppers in noir. Via Dollskill. Reduced from $95 to $45 I sort of had to get them. THEY MAY NEVER BE THAT PRICE AGAIN. Logic. I has much of it. Obviously. 

So. To make the newest addition to my ‘ridiculously scary, how do you walk in them, when are you going to wear them Fiona???’ shoe collection (so sorry, mum), say hi to the twins. Also I haven’t seen any reviews of these around so thought I’d fill that gap if you want to get a pair of these yourself. Call me Chief Enabler. 

sugarbaby ballet boppers noire review

sugarbaby ballet boppers noire review

sugarbaby ballet boppers noire review

sugarbaby ballet boppers noire review

With a slightly double-take worthy platform of 5 inches, and weighing about as much as you’d expect that to be, these brush velvet ‘ballet shoes’ arrived on my doorstep about 4 days after order. Give or take. Didn’t get hit by the dreaded hammer of customs, so they worked out at $55 all in. Which is roughly £36. Quite a hefty saving considering the original price of $95, shipping, and customs on top of all that. There’s that logic for you. 

The outers and uppers themselves are brushed black velvet, so man made. And this fabric extends right over the platform, but obviously doesn’t cover the sole of the shoe. Which has v. little visible grip, might I add. Like I am now used to heels and wedges and boots having practically caterpillar tread, dammit Korea. Not going to be wearing these down hills any time soon in the snow.

To fasten, there’s an ankle strap that wraps around the ankle twice (ish) and a buckle. I’m probably going to have to punch an extra hole for safety, but all in all they feel secure and not like I’m going to wobble out and break my neck.

So, how easy are they to walk in?  Kinda easy. I’m not going to recommend you get these if you have never owned a pair of flatform shoes. Flatforms are a whole ‘nother workout compared to heels, and these shoes are heavy. Not bricks on your feet heavy, but they do have a significant weight to them. For me, a seasoned heel-/platform-wearer, I can do all the usuals: run, jump, dance about in glee. I’m a little shaky when I first put them on, because adjusting to the height when you’re tiny takes a minute, but once I’m used to it they’re pretty decent.

Haven’t worn them outside yet, so I’ll keep you updated when I do. But so far they seem to be a pretty dent pair of shoes. Not gonna bust the bank just yet and invest in the Blush pair, I have a few others I’m eying up before then, but these are a nice addition to the collection.

Guarantee my mum will scream. 😉 (sorry again, mum).

What do you think? Would you ever buy? Also if you have a pair of Y.R.U Qozmo’s let me know what they’re like, please!

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9 responses to “Sugarbaby ballet boppers in noir”

  1. May Cho says:

    Oh my GOD, I WANT THEM. Fii, these are gorgeous and do update on how these are when you wear them out! I'm seasoned with platforms but flatforms are completely new to me. I still want to try these out, though, ahh!May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  2. Jessica Edmunds says:

    Oh my gosh how cuyutteee, I am sure I would break my neck in something like this BUT I need to see them on you xxxBlondeOfCarbs

  3. Meg Siobhan says:

    Gosh, they are gorgeous! Although I can barely walk in flat, flat shoes, so these would be like climbing a mountain for me!Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  4. Martha Edwards says:

    Wow! Can't say they're my style, but you rock them! Literally, what a great leg workout too! xMartha Jane |

  5. Jenn says:

    You got them!!! I remember you debating them. They are absolutely fab, I'm sure you'll find a reason to wear them. xo Jenn |

    • Fii Cridland says:

      I did!!! Tbh $45 was too good and opportunity to miss, and if all else fails they'll be a pretty awesome photoshoot shoe 😉 Though I'm determined to get more wear out of them than that xo

  6. Kimberley Louise Smith says:

    Flatforms are my life! I love these so much! xxKimberley //

  7. Charlene Pack says:

    Stumbled on your review. Stoked to see your feedback and glad you love. <3 Follow me on insta: charcore xoChar

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