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where buy macarons south korea

Macarons are having a bit of  a moment in Korea right now. They’ve always had the underlying popularity that comes with the slight decadence and French Patissiere extravagance, but recently the number of bakeries that make them (and make them well) has boomed. No more Paris Baguette disappointments~ Score.

One such bakery is Caron Heim (caron_heim on instagram, or 가롱하임 in hangeul), which is a beautiful little independent business based in Bupyeong, Incheon. 

where buy macarons south korea

I haven’t been to the physical store yet (I am definitely making plans to head to Bupyeong Station to go and visit asap though), I actually discovered them when I was out exploring with Hannah – over at Hannah International – in Edae. They had a stall at the craft fair that is sometimes outside the large mall on Edae main street on the weekends, and we pretty much stumbled on them. At that time, only Hannah bought a box of five, but of the sample they let us taste…

I legitimately couldn’t stop thinking about them. 

And how little the cafe offerings around me stood up to that one half-sample. 

caron heim macarons incheon

Considering I can’t find Macaron in Hongdae anymore – the turnaround of businesses in Seoul is so fast, your favourite restaurant is only your favourite for a year and all –  and if you know Korea, you know that if you find a place you like, you’ve got to invest in them. Time, and pennies. There are so many independent stores in Korea, that if you end up sitting in Starbs over any of the tiny artisan coffee shops if you’re staying longer than a holiday… I am totally judging you. 

So let me sing the praises a little of this tiny independent dessert shop. 

where buy macarons south korea

They don’t just do macarons, if they aren’t your thing, don’t worry! From their instagram, and the stall they had at the dessert fair, Caron Heim does a range of trifle pots, meringue kisses, macaron shell fragments, and scones. As a small business, I’d love for them to expand into other desserts too, but what they do at the moment, they do really, really well. Everything is also handmade, and you can see the process of making the perfect macaron over on their instagram!

The flavours are beautiful. My favourite is probably the mixed berry, but Honey butter and red velvet cream cheese are also in close contention. They all come individually packaged, and a box of 5 will cost you 7,500W. Which for handmade deliciousness is not that bad at all. 

Also, they are beautiful to photograph, which is always a perk. 

I’d definitely suggest going to check out the cafe if you’re around the Bupyeong area, or trying to catch them at one of the fairs around Seoul. They’re such a baby of a company (opened on April 1st this year), I really really hope that they do well. 

Address: 인천광역시 부평구 경원대로 1256번길 6-13 1층 (1호선 백운역)~  (Incheon City, Bupyeong-gu, Gyeongwondae-ro 1256 street, 6-13, 1st floor. You can take the Incheon metro line 1 and exit and Baekwon station) 

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