Beauty Review | Missha Sheer Fluid Blusher – vivid coral

review missha sheer fluid blusher vivid coral uk beauty blogger

Coral coloured blush products are perfect for summer – especially if you’re warm toned and looking for something a little bit more peachy than pink. And I’m always on the lookout for something more peachy. Korea made me a massive fan of blush with a hint of orange, or full out orange, it’s such a cute look I’ve become slightly obsessed, steadily collecting corals to add to my collection of rounds and palettes. My latest addition is the Missha Sheer Fluid Blusher in the shade Vivid Coral…

and I’m so so in love.

review missha sheer fluid blusher vivid coral uk beauty blogger

review missha sheer fluid blusher vivid coral uk beauty blogger

The Missha Sheer Fluid Blusher is a liquid blush, something I was a little apprehensive to try as I’ve only had powder blush compacts on hand – would it sit on my skin nicely? what would the colour payoff be? would it be easy to blend? 

The product itself has been around quite a while, with a few revisions to the formula since it was released in 2013. It’s become a missha staple, a popular product among their range, and making it to ‘The Style’ edit. Available in 4 shades as a blusher: Aurora Pink, Morning Rose, Sugar Apricot, and Vivid Coral; and recently released as a contour shade – Fluid Shading – and a highlight – Fluid Highlighter.  Missha describes the Fluid Blusher line as having a clear and clean colour, leaving the skin smooth and delicate with light wash – as I’d expect from a Korean product with sheer in it’s name. The ‘sheer’ trend products usually aim at only leaving a light, subtle wash of colour on the skin, that cute, softly flushed look, rather than a heavy, very obvious coverage.

So – thoughts? 

review missha sheer fluid blusher vivid coral uk beauty blogger

For a 10ml bottle I was concerned that I’d be running through the blusher ridiculously quickly, but you really only need the tiniest amount to get a nice colour on the cheeks. It’s incredibly pigmented, and blends really nicely into a soft wash of colour on the cheeks. It’s slightly scented – fresh and a little sweet – with the tiniest amount of shimmer to add to the overall ‘dewy’ glow that Korean makeup is famed for. I prefer to apply and blend with my fingers or a sponge – brushes tend to either collect the product or don’t disperse it effectively – as you really get the best effect with the tapping method of application. 

review missha sheer fluid blusher vivid coral uk beauty blogger

If you prefer more of an intense colour, the formula makes it really easy to build, and I find that it sits really nicely on my skin. It doesn’t make pores look larger and blends nicely over any base products I may be using for that day. It’s become my go-to blush. 

Downsides? I would say that the pump action means that it’s quite hard to judge how much product you’re dispersing – and sometimes I end up with far more than I need. No-one’s a fan of product wastage so that’s a little annoying. Although the scent is incredibly subtly (you’d need to have it directly under your nose to smell anything), sometimes that can cause a bit of a reaction for some people – I do have very sensitive skin and don’t have any complaints so far though. 

I’m super happy that I picked this little blusher up, definitely eyeing the Sugar Apricot shade to add next, since they’re so long lasting it’d be criminal not to. 

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Let me know what you think! Have you tried liquid blush products before? What are your experiences? 

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  1. Jasmine Potts says:

    Great great post, you have convinced me to buy this! I've had this shade sitting in my wishlist for ages so I think this will be bought in my next round of purchases! Coral is definitely a colour that has taken over my make up collection and while I have a more pinky coral blush this more peachy one seems more ideal! I think liquid blushers can be quite daunting as they need a little bit of practice to get used to and know how much you need for sure! I'm currently having this struggle with a cream based blusher, anything that isn't powder seems challenging!Jasmine |

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