New in Skincare: Korean Skincare mini-haul

korean beauty skincare haul

You guys seemed to want to see a lot of the Korean skincare and beauty products I can get my hands on now I’m in the ROK (Republic of Korea, South… not the DPRK, North) again. I’m so glad that you do though, because it kinda gives me an excuse to try a lot of new things – especially the brands!

Although most of my money at the moment is going on food and start-up costs for my new flat (who’d like to see a flat tour?), I have managed to pick up a few bits and pieces. Admittedly, I only really needed one of these things, but the rest are always really useful to have in my skincare stash.

skinfood yuja water vita eye serum set

Skinfood Yuja Water C Vita Eye Serum Set

Skinfood is one of my favourite Korean brands. They’re all about using naturally occurring ingredients in their products, including their makeup range, so they’re a great brand to try if you appreciate a more natural approach.

I wasn’t looking to get this particular product – I actually just wanted to pop in and repurchase my favourite eye cream (it’s the Water Berry Eye Cream, if you’re wondering), but the store assistant suckered me in to buying the Yuja Water Vita Eye Serum Set. Which to be honest, is technically more of what I was looking for anyway? 

skinfood yuja water vita eye serum set

skinfood yuja water vita eye serum set

The set includes the Vita Eye Serum in this fab little tube – the spoon shaped segment at the top is the applicator, and it fits under the eye perfectly – and three under eye gel packs. The formula is supposed to help combat dark circles by using a brightening effect, while hydrating and adding vitamin A, B3, B5, B7, and C, back into the skin.
It retails at 25000W, but the store assistant gave me a 5000W discount so I got this for 20000W, which is about £14 at the moment.

I also love that when you buy products in store (or by a verified/reputable reseller) you get the little samples that come with the purchase! The samples for this set were minis of the Yuja water toner and emulsion. 

mediheal H.D.P pore-clean charcoal cleansing foam

MediHeal H.D.P Pore-Clean Charcoal Cleansing Foam 

I love the MediHeal sheetmasks (if you follow me on insta you’l have seen the placenta mask earlier in the week), and whilst I was looking for a slightly deeper cleansing scrub than my favourite oil cleanser from The Face Shop, I thought that I’d pick this up. Mediheal is a brand that’s stocked in Olive Young and LOHB – so a true¬ ‘drugstore’ brand over here – so you might not be able to get it unless you search pretty hard as it doesn’t have a store, but their products are fab. 

This Charcoal Cleansing Foam comes in three types so you can match it to your skin type. The type I bought is for combination skin, focusing on cleaning out those pores because plane air and the stress of training and then moving hasn’t exactly been kind to my face. There’s a Tea Tree option for sensitive skin, focusing on blemish control, and I can’t remember what the type for normal skin is geared towards, but it’s accent colour is blue. 

olive young kplus spot cover packsOlive Young Care Plus blemish cover spot patch

I love that Korea has such a wide variety of targeted spot treatments. There are quite a few brands that do this sort of spot cover patch, where you place a tiny disk with active spot fighting ingredients over the blemish, and wait for it to do its work. It’s basically like a plaster but for spots.
The pack I picked up is an Olive Young own brand, and includes 15 10mm patches and 12 12mm patches, so you get quite a few for your money. I’ve not tried them before myself, but I’ve heard good things about them so thought I’d give them a go!

mediheal sheet masks shingmulnara sheet masks

Mediheal TeaTree Care Solution sheet mask & Shingmulnara Charcoal Natural delight sheet mask 

Yay more sheet masks! Tea Tree is one that my skin always reacts favourably to, especially when it’s being problematic. I’ve used up my favourite Etude House A-Z masks in tea tree, as well as the few that I picked up in my last Korean Skincare Haul, so I definitely needed some more. 

Shingmulnara! I’ve been asked a few times on twitter if these masks are legitimately Korean when people have come across them on Amazon, and I have to admit I had no idea considering I’d never seen them stocked anywhere when I was out here last. I guessed that maybe they were stocked in either Olive Young or LOHB considering I’d never heard of a Shingmulnara store, and, welp, I seemed to have guessed correctly. I decided to get the charcoal mask, as charcoal is a great ingredient for purifying troubled skin. 

Shingmulnara is a fairly inexpensive brand, so if you do see them around and are interesting in getting into Korean skincare, I definitely suggest picking a few sheet masks up to start. 

That’s everything I have at the moment! I’m trying not to spend too much other than on necessities at the moment, so there won’t be any clothing hauls for a month at least. I’m also waiting for wifi in my flat so please bear with me for a little bit!

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  1. Dani Dunne says:

    I'd love a flat tour!I don't know enough about Korean skincare (and also I'm yet to try a sheet mask… worst blogger ever) but these look really good, especially the charcoal cleanser! x

  2. Sophie R says:

    The eye serum sounds good, think I should try some at one point with these dark circles of mine. A flat tour would be fun! Hope everything is going well for you xSophie's Spot

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