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it's skin dear my muse velvet powder pink beige review

I find it very difficult to find base products that match my skins shade. And although I am far better off in that respect than, sadly, many others, being both pale and cool toned means that the majority of foundations are too dark and too yellow. It’s such a struggle. 

So far I’ve found Korean base makeup products to be the best match, but when I’m running low I don’t have the luxury of just nipping in store and restocking like I did when I was in Korea, so sometimes have to revert back to Western brands while I wait for Korean beauty orders to arrive. And this is where the It’s Skin Dear My Muse Velvet Powder* comes in to help.

it's skin dear my muse velvet powder pink beige review

it’s skin dear my muse velvet powder* c/o q-depot

It’s Skin is a brand that focuses on clinical skin solutions in all of its products. They research to produce formulas that include optimal compounds for your skin, as your skin changes throughout the day and throughout the seasons. It’s very much one of the brands that fits the Korean ideal of skincare first, as it was developed by a dermatologist of Seoul University, and in the grand scheme of Korean brands, is incredibly affordable. It also has really cute packaging.

The Dear My Muse Velvet Powder* is a lightly tinted finishing powder that comes in two shades, natural beige and pink beige. Q-depot sent me along the pink beige to test out, as the pink tones suit cool toned skin shades, and help to combat the yellow based foundations. The pink beige shade is also more suited to lighter skin tones (Korean shade 21), so is perfect for me. Natural beige can be used for either Korean shade 21 or 23 respectively. 

It’s Skin describes the pink beige powder as having a formula that naturally looks like skin when applied, it’s sheer nature infusing the skin with softness and light that results in an airbrushed finish. The brightening effect is really useful when my skin looks a little tired or less radiant. It has air-fit technology to create flawless looking skin, with amino acids that help vibrancy, sebum control, and the long-wearing nature on the face. It also has spf15. 

it's skin dear my muse velvet powder pink beige review


The Dear My Muse line has a ‘double muse effect complex’ that involves creating bright and energetic skin with natural ingredients, such as pistachio, argan oil, olive oil, acai berry, mangosteen, aloe, pearl powder, and diamond powder. 


The powder itself does feel incredibly light on, and it doesn’t tend to clump or look as cakey as much as finishing powders I’ve tried from other brands. I use the included puff to apply, and then a powder brush across to buff away any excess. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll just swish a brush across the stopper and apply that way. 

On the packaging front, the powder comes in a screw-top tub with a stopper between the powder and the puff so that the product doesn’t go everywhere when you open it – great for if you’re popping it in a travel bag and don’t fasten the lid properly, or if you’re a slightly violent screw-top opener – and the little puff sits on top. When you open the product for the first time, there’s also an adhesive sticker to peel back which shows if the product is brand new or not. 

it's skin dear my muse velvet powder pink beige review

The product is dispensed via the holes in the stopper when you pat the puff on it. Sometimes it can take a few attempts for enough powder to coat the puff to apply, but I also finds this means that there is way less chance of caking the product on. 

Negatives of the products would definitely be the scent; I’m not a massive fan of scented products, and although it’s a very fresh – almost baby-powdery, so there’s vanilla in there somewhere – it’s not something I look for in products as scents and perfumes can often cause irritation. I’d class the need for multiple attempts to pick up enough product on the puff to distribute as a negative too, but this can easily be rectified by using a combination of a brush to apply and a puff to pat into the face. 

Overall I think it’s a really nice powder to offset the problems I have with yellow-toned foundations, and on good skin days this will do me as my only base product. I really like It’s Skin as a brand too, it’s wildly underrated for quality of its products, especially as it’s so affordable. It’s also cruelty free too (although not KARA registered, though I have news on that for another post!)

you can shop the Dear My Muse Velvet Powder* from q-depot

you can also shop the Dear My Muse range 

Let me know your thoughts on tinted finishing powders – and what you think of this product! 

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