it’s February!!

So it’s February, Feb 2nd to be precise, and the last day of the four-day holiday that is 설날. This holiday marks Lunar/Chinese new year, and is celebrated with a ridiculous amount of food and fireworks and ddeok.

When is there a celebration in Korea that doesn’t include ddeok? (Here’s a hint: there isn’t one.)

I didn’t actually do much to celebrate the new year, which is probably a cardinal sin in this country, but midterms are soon so studying takes priority over celebration times at the moment. Sigh. Plus the weather was dire and that puts a damper on almost everything in the vein of Going Out and Doing Things. Oh well, maybe next time.

This month, though, I expect to be doing much more, my camera arrives this week (yay!) so it’s going to be fun exploring all the settings and trying not to break things… and taking photos of everywhere I go. Or almost everywhere, within reason.

Ahh. I’m so excited.


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