Be bold, be dark

dark lipstick collection uk beauty blogger

In my very baby lipstick collection (seriously, very baby), I have come to love my dark shades more than any other. There’s something so empowering about having a heinously dark colour on your lips, especially when it comes with compliments. It’s also lovely to see that the dark shades have been officially brought out of ‘halloween’ vampiness, or being a strictly winter shade. It’s nice to know that our faves are wearing the bold, dark lip in the height of summer. 

With that in mind, I’ve swatched the darks that I have, and would absolutely adore to have your recommendations, as I really want to expand my collection. I’m also pretty proud of myself that I didn’t make a Star Wars pun with the title. 😀

So far in the darks of my collection, I have:

dark lipstick collection uk beauty blogger

Rimmel London: 128 starry-eyed — a colour that seems to change depending on the light, it’s a true berry lipstick, with that wine-burgundy hint. occasional flashes of maroon. tt’s all around gorgeous, and the darkest lipstick in bullet form that I have. 

Mac: Rebel — my first ever mac lipstick, I did a full review last month – impressions from a mac virgin – and since then I’ve worn it out once or twice with many a compliment. it’s much more plum toned than starry-eyed, you get a positive hint of deep pinks mixed with purples. 

Burberry Kisses: sepia no.85  — my aim this year is to actually buy the full-sized version of this. it’s beautiful. the name ‘sepia’ would probably have you thinking it’s a nude, but it comes up as quite a nice few shades darker than my actual lip. it’s probably my favourite of all the lipsticks I own. it’s so lovely. 

dark lipstick collection uk beauty blogger

Makeup Revolution salvation velvet lacquer: black heart and vamp — liquid lipsticks that dry to very dark matte. I think they were revolutions version of the velvetines. black heart carries more mauve or purple-grey undertones to the all around dark nature, and vamp has more warmth to it with burgundy/deep red. I’ve worn these the least out of all, mostly because they have to be reapplied much more frequently than a lipstick. 

dark lipstick collection swatches uk beauty blogger

Swatches for your viewing pleasure, the Makeup Revolution liquid lipsticks are very difficult to tell apart on the hand, so I dragged the colour a little to show the different undertones to the shades. As I said, vamp is the slightly more red toned, and black heart has more purple/grey, a lot less warmth. 

I do hope to grow my little collection this year, even by one or two shades, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them. I’m forever late to beauty games unless it’s Korean related, so help me out! 


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8 responses to “Be bold, be dark”

  1. Nazia Javed says:

    mac taupe and sin are my fave!xx

  2. Panty Buns says:

    I laughed when I read that you were pretty proud of yourself that you didn't make a Star Wars pun with the title – it must have been extremely tempting i in fact It's hard not to make a Star Wars pun in the comments. I love the dark shades of lipstick! It's nice to have colours of lipstick that complement / coordinate with outfit pieces and accessories too. I love burgundy, berry and plum and I also love the Makeup Revolution colours Vamp and Black Heart!

  3. Amy G says:

    I have the Makeup Revolution ones and I love them! I'm definitely more of a dark lipstick girl. Mac rebel looks so nice, may have to pick that one up for myself!Amy xNerdymermaid

  4. Carina Chung says:

    YOU MAKE ME WANNA GET A MAC LIPSTICK. REBEL LOOKS SOOOO PRETTY!& I was half expecting a star wars joke, until I read how you're proud of yourself for not making one. oh girl hahaha!xxCarinaRunning White Horses

  5. Meg Siobhan says:

    These are all so pretty! I wish I could rock dark lipstick, but I'd probably look frightening in it, more than sassy.And hey girl, I love a good title with a pun in (puns are my weakness damn it). So good on you for managing to not give in to the dark side – oh look, can't help myself! Damn it Meg!Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  6. Pumpkin Emily says:

    I love all of the colors. My favorites are Black Heart and Vamp. :)

  7. Prarthana Gogoi says:

    My god! They look great! WOW!With Love,Anna || Curly Scribbles

  8. Poppy Lowdon says:

    Love this post! Thanks x

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