April Beauty Favourites

April beauty favourites korean beauty blogger

Well it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a monthly favourites. Especially a beauty favourites post. Usually I’m a creature of habit, the way I do my makeup hasn’t really changed that much since I started wearing it at 15 (though I ditched the solid blue eyeshadow haa, how embarrassing), and it’s hard to test out new products month on month when you don’t have a lot of disposable income. Or are chronically bad at saving… 

But! I guess that’s changed for April. Mostly because I’ve been in a position where I can buy a lot more (yay employment), but also because I’m back in Korea and there is so much choice. A vast ocean of affordable choice. 

Also the fact that I had to have a major declutter of basically everything I owned before I moved has probably helped the fact I actually needed new things – apparently my hoarding tendencies also span to both skincare and beauty too, who knew?? – and when the the temptation is there, I have very little self control. (Yes that is probably a bad thing, I am aware.)

Anyway, if you’re up for reading a slightly late beauty favourites post, then here we go!

April beauty favourites korean beauty blogger

Most loved brand:

It’s got to be A’pieu for the month of April. I’ve found myself wandering in quite often when I go into Seoul (there’s a stall in Homeplus in my city but I haven’t found an actual bricks and mortar store yet). They’re the baby sister brand of Missha, and their focus is ‘skincare in cosmetics’ so their products are really friendly for younger or sensitive skin. They’re fabulously affordable and have some really great lines. If you’re interested, I’m considering doing either a ‘full face/complete look’ from this brand, or a roundup of my favourite products from them… let me know what you’d like to see!

The old favourites:

April beauty favourites korean beauty blogger
The Airfit BB cushion found its way back into my life in April, it’s one of the only base products I’ve found that actually fits my skintone without having to be mixed with anything white. It’s the same one that I’ve already reviewed, so we know how much I love it. It’s a fab little compact and wears really well.

I was also really happy to be able to pick up my absolute favourite eyeliner again last month. Etude House does wonderful eyeliners – they do not budge – and the price is really bank account friendly. The Oh my Eye Line is a brush tip liquid liner, and it’s so easy to use it’s honestly laughable. It’s a jet black, long wearing liquid eyeliner that doesn’t crack awkwardly, or bleed across your waterline. And it’s 4000won. It’s honestly one of the best I’ve ever owned, and most western eyeliners do not hold a candle in comparison.

april beauty favourites korean beauty blogger kbeauty

The new additions:

A’pieu’s dark circle brightener has been a little pen of wonder in my life. It’s specifically for the undereye area, and has a little cushion/sponge applicator so that it isn’t too harsh for the delicate skin there. It blends wonderfully, and really does help to lessen my dark circles. It also doesn’t feel particularly heavy on, and it’s a great colour even for ghostly ghostie me.

April beauty favourites korean beauty blogger
Art Deco longwear waterproof concealer has also been a welcome addition to my makeup bag. I picked it up in Olive Young in the hopes that it wouldn’t be terrible after minimal colour swatching/matching (never buy makeup in a hurry ok, it’s far too stressful), and as it turns out it’s lovely. It’s not a 100% perfect colour match, but it does the job and it conceals what I want it to. Basically it’s a pretty decent filler product until I find one I like more, or manage to get some Collection Lasting Perfection sent to me.

SkinFood’s Yuja water eye serum is something that I thought would make it into my beauty routine this month. I do love SkinFood products, and this is no exception (minus the whitening agent…). It smells lovely, is really hydrating, and it feels lovely on.

Etude House does quite a few primers now – their product range is forever expanding, and I’m actually quite impressed at the direction they’re taking. I haven’t tried a lot of primers in my time, like, at all, considering my pores aren’t the most visible, and I have a bit of a history with them breaking me out. I was given a load of the Fix & Fix Primer in lavender as samples with a purchase, and I have to say that it is pretty damned decent in keeping my makeup in place, and reducing a lot of colour problems if I’ve had a particularly shitty skin week. It’s not something I wear every day, but it’s definitely been handy to have in my makeup bag for days where I need my makeup to stay for a super long time.

april beauty favourites the face shop rice water cleansing milk
I’ve been looking for a new cleansing product recently too. I still love The Face Shop’s rice water oil cleanser, but my skin hasn’t been agreeing with it recently. I was a bit baffled considering it was my absolute go to product, but it’s probably to do with the fact I’ve had it for quite a while… A little goes a long way, but you’ve gotta remember that products have a use by date. So I decided to try the Rice Water Cleansing Milk that The Face Shop does instead… and holy hell I’m a lot in love. I’m doing a full review on this but ajhaskdjgas. Yes.

April beauty favourites innisfree sheetmasks
It seems that I’ve also diverted to Innisfree for a bit on the sheetmask front, too. Honestly, I’m not fussed about which brand I get sheetmasks from as any of the Korean brands are wonderful. But Innishfree has had some new additions to their real squeeze range, and I thought it would be a little bit rude not to pick some up. So yup, I’ve been loving the whole range through April.

Here’s to another month of beauty explorations! Have you tried any of these, and if so which product is your favourite?? Also, let me know what you’ve been loving recently, I need some motivation to go and find things!!

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