Lush ROOTS scalp treatment product outer

So a while ago I told you about my route to buying Lush’s avocado co-wash, and although I didn’t mention it there, Lush’s ROOTS was next on my list to try. Not too long ago, I had a ‘fun’ reaction to unfamiliar hair products and my scalp was screaming, so I hastily made it into a store the next day and bought it.

We didn’tg get off to the best of starts, but now, for £10.75 it’s a little tub of magic for me.

Lush ROOTS scalp treatment product outer

Lush ROOTS hair scalp treatment product outer

Lush ROOTS hair scalp treatment product look

Lush ROOTS hair scalp treatment product close up

ROOTS is in Lush’s ‘treatment’ range, specifically a scalp treatment, and comes in a tub of 225g. The product itself is milky colour, kind of shiny, and a little thicker than some of the other hair treatments I’ve had in the past. It’s advertised for thin and/or fine hair, and hiiiiiiii that is me. 

the ingredients:

Fresh mint infusion, water, peppermint oil, sweet orange oil, spearmint oil, extra virgin olive oil, honey, grapefruit oil, nettle absolute, neroli oil, citric acid, limonene, linalool, citral, and the usual lush hair-care safe synthetics.

The mint infusion and oils are to cool and invigorate; the honey is a natural antiseptic (especially good if you have itchy, irritated areas on your scalp) and moisturising; extra virgin olive oil is to moisturise and protect; the sweet orange oil refreshes and uplifts; nettle absolute for shine; and the citric acid clarifies.


Divide dry hair into sections and apply onto the scalp and roots. Massage the scalp for 15-20 minutes whilst the product gets to work. Simply shampoo out and lightly condition if needed.


The first use of this didn’t go down too well. I wasn’t expecting to see super awesome results overnight, but I was also expecting it to do a little more than it did. It had soothed my scalp a little, but it still itched and I wasn’t very happy. And then I realised that 1) I hadn’t divided my hair into sections so I’d missed parts of my scalp in the first place and 2) lol I didn’t massage. I just left it on like a hair treatment. 

For the second use I divided up my hair and massaged gently for the first 5 or so minutes to get the product really into my roots. Then I’d go back to doing whatever it was I was doing, remembering to massage my scalp at regular intervals. I shampoo’d ROOTS out with the avocado co-wash I’ve been using religiously, and let my hair dry. 

It was honestly, hand on heart, the softest my hair had been for a really long time, and my scalp felt soothed. The urge to pull and scratch was gone and despite being able to see the trich damage (I was aware this would happen) I felt happy. My hair feels stronger. 

For £10.75 a tub I don’t know if I’ll be continually purchasing this on a student budget, but I haven’t used all that much from 3 applications since buying it, so it might be one of those products that lasts me quite a while, so is super worth it? I’ll keep you updated. I think it’s well worth the try if you suffer from eczema and it manifests on your scalp, suffer from trich, or experience a lot of hair fall – the fresh mint contains menthol which is known to disrupt that!

Have you tried ROOTS before? Or any other Lush hair products?

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8 responses to “Lush ROOTS”

  1. Eleanor says:

    I'm going to have to invest in this. I've been suffering with Trich for a while, and my scalp can get so itchy and irritated because of it and that's probably the reason why I pull! Thanks for this! E

    • Fii Cridland says:

      I was skeptical that it would work for me because everyone's cases are so different but it's honestly helped so much! I hope it helps you too xo

  2. Kathryn O'Connor says:

    I've never actually tried any of Lush's hair treatments as such, I had a shampoo a couple of years ago but I can't remember much about it! The price of Roots seems a little steep but I imagine the tub would last you quite a while. xKathryn | Chapters of Kat ❤

    • Fii Cridland says:

      For those of us who suffer with trich I definitely think it's worth the investment. I've had it for almost a full month using once a week and it's still more that 3/4's full 🙂 Though I totally get the feeling with the other hair care stuff it's a taaad expensive. but then again, natural products and hand made! xo

  3. Josie Brownlee says:

    Ooh never tried this – although I have quite thick hair so it might not work as well – but I would love to try Lush hair products! Thanks for the review.JosieVictoriaa // // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

  4. Jessica Edmunds says:

    OMG I love this stuff it's such a tingle tangle sensation hahahah I absolutely love it as the feeling lasts so long xxx

  5. Meg Siobhan says:

    I really want to buy some hair products from Lush but I'm apprehensive! Even though I love so much of their other stuff.Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Do it! (not to enable… lol) but I totally understand. I hadn't ever bought anything Lush until this year, but they truly do a wonderful job if you use them exactly how they're supposed to be. My hair is SO MUCH healthier than it's ever been before. :3 xo

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