Daiso 5000 won ($5) silicone sonic face cleansing brush

A top-down image of the Daiso Silicone Sonic Face Brush. It is rounded at the top and flat at the base, lilac in colour with silicone bristles along the top third in a pattern that looks like you have taken a segment of a circle. The brush is placed on a wood and marble board, with pink faux fur to accent the image.

Ok. I’ve been seeing the hype around Foreo products over the latter half of 2018, and it seems like silicone sonic cleansing brushes are the new it thing in the world of cleansing. And now that Daiso have got on that silicone sonic face cleansing brush hype? Wonderful. Note the silicone addition there, as sonic cleansing brushes are nothing new when it comes to getting the gunk of everyday life off your face – we’ve all seen and heard the benefits of clarisonic, magnitone, and their bristle-headed competitors – but I’m personally very intrigued by easy to clean, rechargeable devices where a new brush head isn’t going to set me back the price of Toast’s dog food for the month, or the possibility of saving some cash for a rainy day.

So yes, Foreo piqued my interest. A lot. A couple of my favourite influencers with skin I’d really like to emulate have been touting their products benefits and I was super happy to learn that they were actually sold in Korea – but when it came to looking, the prices were um… I get that they’re patented technology, but nearly 300,000 won for a face brush? That’s a lot of money to drop on something that my skin might not even get on with, and thus be relegated to a bathroom ornament. A very expensive bathroom ornament.

Then, when Izzy visited from Japan with a $15 (equivalent) rechargeable version and incredibly high praise for the device, I was sold. I had to get one. I had to find one that was affordable to at least test it out for myself.

Which brings me to Daiso.

Daiso, the wonderstore. From Japanese origins, brought over in cooperation with Asung in 1992, the Korean brand of Daiso became its own unique entity in 2011 (after a dispute over the Liancourt Rocks/Dokdo, which explains the surge in Dokdo related products) and has really been stepping up its game in pretty much every category recently. I probably have a ton of Daiso Korea related content I could share with you (drop a comment if you’d like some posts on that!), but today I’m just focusing on the $5 Foreo dupe: the Daiso Silicone Sonic Face Cleansing Brush.

The daiso face brush is standing on its base on the same brown wood and white marble board, with the background in a soft focus to make the bristle details of the brush stand out more.

Daiso Silicone Sonic Face Cleansing Brush – 5000 won

What is it?

For 5000 won (the equivalent of £3.45 at the point of writing, or $4.44) you get what is effectively a Foreo Luna 2 ‘normal skin’ dupe. Minus the benefits of being rechargeable, having variations in types for different skin concerns, and a differing arrangement of silicone bristles. The Daiso Silicone Sonic Face Cleansing Brush is similar in that it is waterproof, easy to clean, has different power settings (though not as extensive, I’m guessing), and also has a facial massager on the back.

What do these silicone sonic facial brushes claim to do?

Well, they claim to exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores of makeup residue, dirt and oil, which are standard procedure for a cleansing brush. The sonic pulses are also supposed to help improve the radiance and texture of the skin, which is harder to accurately measure. The massaging parts here claim to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in prone areas, such as around the mouth (nasolabial folds) and the eyes with gentle sonic pulsations.

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A closer image of the Daiso face brush where the semi-circular formation of the bristles is clearer. Again, the background is in soft focus to make the product stand out.

My thoughts so far:

I haven’t had the Daiso version of the Silicone Sonic Face Cleansing Brush for very long, and therefore my opinions currently are formed on the ease and effectiveness of it as a tool for cleansing, not whether my skin is looking smoother or more elastic. My only experience with other physical cleansing tools are cleansing brushes, and straight away I love that the Silicone brush is far more hygenic in that it is far easier to clean. I also don’t have to worry so much about making sure that any product is washed out of the bristles or the brush head properly, as the silicone enables the product to be rinsed off thoroughly without too much hassle.

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For 5000 won I wasn’t expecting a lot in terms of design, but the bristles are soft and gentle on my skin. The product itself does carry a bit of weight, though it isn’t uncomfortable to use or maneuver around the face. Some areas are a little tricker to get to as the casing is not flexible, but it is an electrically operated product and I was expecting this. I’m not too pleased that it’s battery operated, I think as this brush is to be used with liquids having it as rechargeable is a safer option, but the seal at the base where the batteries are inserted is flush and kind of tricky to pull apart. As in, I had legitimate trouble trying to get the batteries in for the first time, but now everything is OK.

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The Daiso device has 5 strength settings, and it powers on to the 3rd as default. I feel that the 4th and 5th settings are a little too powerful for my skin for cleansing, but would probably use (and have been using) them for a deeper facial massage. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd settings I feel are more comfortable for gentler exfoliation of the skin, and have been effective in cleansing masks, as well as use with foaming cleansers on the lowest setting. My skin does feel really clean after using this brush, and although it’s currently going through a ‘purging’ phase due to the introduction of a new element in my skincare routine and the more thorough cleansing of my pores, I am hoping that my skin will like this gadget as much as Izzy’s does.

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Overall, I’m really happy with the 5000won Daiso dupe so far, and if I continue to enjoy using it, as well as start to see improvements in the areas of my skin where texture is a concern then I will definitely consider looking at getting a more expensive, rechargeable version.

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  • inexpensive (5000won)
  • easy to clean, silicone shell
  • more hygienic than fibre bristle brushes
  • bristles are soft
  • waterproof
  • 5 strength settings
  • massage side on reverse
  • flat base to stand on its own, easy storage and drying

  • battery operated (non-rechargeable)
  • shell of product is not flexible
  • 4th and 5th strength settings possibly too strong for exfoliation/cleansing
  • only two colourways available (pink/purple)
  • only one design / bristle arrangement available
Another top view image of the Daiso Face brush, similar to the first but the brush is placed on a smaller wood and marble board on top of a larger wood and marble board. The pink faux fur is closer to the product.

Have you tried out any silicone sonic cleansers? If you have, do you have any recommendations or ones to avoid? And, if you have a Foreo, is the price really worth it, or should I find a more reasonably priced version instead if my new Daiso cleanser doesn’t stand the test of time (hopefully it does).

Also, let me know what sort of content you’d like me to write/make/create this year! You can drop me a message on my social platforms, or leave a comment down below. I really appreciate all suggestions.

‘Till next time!


4 responses to “Daiso 5000 won ($5) silicone sonic face cleansing brush”

  1. Jenna says:

    Great post – I have been seeing these types of brushes all over the place but am too afraid to spend a bunch of money on something that doesn’t work. It is good to see that there are cheaper alternatives… I might just have to check them out!
    -Jenna ❤
    The Chic Cupcake

    • fii says:

      Same! I kept looking at the Foreo’s in Olive Young, Chicor, and LaLavLa (equivalent of boots, superdrug & watsons) but couldn’t ever justify the price no matter how many people were saying they were The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. So when I saw this in daiso I was sooo happy! 😀 Hopefully you find one at a good price point that you can try out! (amazon have a good selection)

  2. Sophie says:

    How have I not heard of these type of cleansing brushes before, I’m definitely going to have to try and get my hands on one at some point. Great review!

    Sophie | Sophie’s Spot

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