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T-minus 4 days until we drop some glitter balls, tipsily stumble through the countdown from 10, and land in 2016. Heh. That came around fast, didn’t it. We’ve all said how horrifically quickly 2015 went by (seriously, what was that????) and it kind of does feel like January 1st was a couple of days ago… but here we are. 

So I’m using this space to have a look back at my best of 2015 here on the blog, and some of my absolute favourite posts from the girls and guys that I follow. Because tv around this time is usually a bit naff, and you’ve gotta do something when you zone out 20 minutes into the films… 😉

Little Miss Fii:

most read:

choies shoe review

you guys really enjoyed my ‘is it worth it’ posts, where I bought things from ‘blogger fave’ online stores Romwe and Choies. The Romwe review is my all time most read post, and the Choies shoe post is not far behind. 

Korean beauty/skincare:

korean beauty haul

I’m trying to share more Korean skincare and beauty here, since it’s something that’s really picking up in the west now, and it’s still seen as something a lil bit wacky. I wrote about my 2015 Korean cosmetic haul from Kococolor (a reputabe seller that doesn’t jack prices), along with a few bits I picked up from rubyruby too. You all enjoyed that, so I’m hoping to share a few more places to buy from in 2016 🙂

I also reviewed The Face Shop’s rice water bright cleansing oil, which quickly took the top spot in my beauty regime, and has really helped my skin. I also found that the IASO toner and emulsion I was kindly sent to try this year have helped too, proving that my skin much prefers the Korean skincare products this year…

personal faves:

one ok rock live in manchester world tour 2015
One ok rock in manchester – dec ’15
piran slovenia
Piran, Slovenia

this month I tried not to cry when I saw my favourite band play in Manchester, and for the rest of 2015 I’ve managed to travel more to places that I’ve really wanted to go (Brighton) and a country that I, almost surprisingly, fell in love with: Slovenia

in the blogosphere: 

posts I’ve really loved this year:


to start the year off, pinkpot let us in on an incredibly useful photoshop trick to brighten blog photos


noor shared 10 tips on how to be a better blogger – super useful to apply to all those new year plans!
i still haven’t found a teddy bear coat like this, but yanin’s LFW Day 2 outfit was all sorts of amazing


scarlett london gave us 10 reasons we are good enough!

katie shared dissertation advice the tutors don’t tell you, which went straight into my bookmarks

lauren reminded us of 7 things to remember when people knock you down

chantel drastically reduced the number of products she uses on her every day face to five


naomi let us know where she got her blog inspiration from for ‘oh hello mango’

kathryn gave us all a fab vegetable noodle soup recipe over on nimble note


rhianna listed 30 life lessons all university students will learn… so many truths -_-
the best prints under £15 appeared over on elle jay, and I was totes smitten with some new wall art


this cute triple bun half up-do from the beauty department is something I’d still love to try out


it was quite a saga, but I was ecstatic to read that Jasminnie – of Posh, Broke & Bored – was able to bring her bricks and mortar version of Regimental Vintage to Cheshire Street. I can’t wait to visit in the new year. 

clare marie wrote a fab post on haul culture and finding your niche in the blogging world.  


something in the water this month? or me just reading ALL. THE. THINGS. before uni started again… 

independent fashion bloggers (ifb)’s take on why bloggers can’t afford to ignore email marketing

how Jemma keeps Dorkface organised

carina shared 5 tips to make the most of your year abroad

scarphelia penned her usual magic, telling us all why being controversial is not a substitute for being interesting


zoe london wrote about what photography means to her, and it really clicked with me

luanna gave me hope that petite girls can rock flares too


a subject really close to my own heart popped up on from roses in october: let’s talk about body image — i think it definitely needs to be spoken about more

han was once again effortlessly adorable in her autumn get ready with me (grwm)


we all started to understand what makeup artists have been saying about eyebrows being ‘frames’ this year, and helen gave us her eyebrow must-haves to help us all
laura at elelibee wrote a great post on removing toxic friendships from your life, something that is sometimes a necessity.


jordan complied all of her beautiful outfits for 2015 in one post, and I’m in love
the mayden, a blog I only found this month but am loving, especially this outfit: burning gold

Whew. Another monster roundup post, but I’ve really enjoyed reliving this year a lil’ bit. What have been your favourite posts from 2015? Do we snap on any? Let me know if there’s something I desperately super have to read before the year ends!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great idea for a post! I loved it. I've always wanted to get into Korean beauty/skincare items so I think I will try and order some soon.xo, Kimberly

  2. Kathryn O'Connor says:

    I always love these sort of round up posts, ends the blogging year on a nice note I think!As I only started blogging in Summer I'm yet to read your 'Is it worth it?' posts but you can sure bet I'm heading over there right now to read them. xKathryn | Chapters of Kat ❤

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Ahh I think it does too, especially when there are lots of post recommendations for me to scour through!And they're my most commented posts, so reading all the different opinions is interesting :')xo

  3. Soňa Storová says:

    Great post! I really love the photos of the streets, Fii!♥CAPTURING MY LIFE blog

  4. Katie Hunter says:

    Slovenia looks so lovely! x

  5. Mel Davies says:

    What a brilliant post! Adored reading this, it was so interesting!Lilies and Lipbalmxx

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