Some 2016 goals

2016 new years resolution ideas

2015 has been a pretty good year for me. I’ve worked with and met some amazing people, I did pretty ace when results for my 3rd year at uni were released, and I’m on track to graduate in July. Woot. So apart from doing more of the same, I thought I’d set a few little goals that I can use as a progress check this time next year. I’m not great at the ‘resolutions’, so having something that I can work towards over the course of the year rather than just a selection of ‘TOTES GONNA DO THIS YEAAHH’s is a better strategy for me, I think. If you’re the resolution type, let me know what resolutions you’re making this year.

some 2016 goals:

continue to be positive even when it’s hard. a can-do attitude makes the ‘do’ easier
get a 1st class degree. s o   c  l o s e.  don’t slack off now. we can do it
have a routine. preferably one that doesn’t mean bedtime is 3am standard and days don’t start till midday. this isn’t doing anyone any favours on a wednesday.
not be afraid to fail. we’re graduating, there’s going to be a lot of uncertainty and a lot of trying things that don’t work out. it’s ok if it doesn’t work out
save for korea/japan travels with chantel! spend less. be thrifty.
move to london. or be on track to, at the very least.
start (re)learning french! languages are fun and very useful for employment. also keep practicing ur korean speaking, child.
travel more. there is so much wonder in the world and you’re in such a brilliant position to go and explore it. let’s make good on some of those promises to visit people. Singapore and New York, yes? Yes.
continue on the road to beating trich. i’ve started so i’ll focus on taking more steps in a forward direction
wear the clothes i want to wear, when i want to wear them. wardrobe full of cute clothes, someone’s gotta wear ’em.
– MEET MORE PEOPLE. a lot of people are really quite fab.
spend more time with friends. it may have to be a scheduled hour, but a scheduled hour is better than not seeing them at all!
– keep at the meal planning! it’ll help with saving money, and also diet.
– keep up with regular exercise. health is a balance and exercise is annoyingly good for the mind.

– actually plan posts for the month 
leave comments on other’s blogs every day if I have time — reply to comments on my posts if I have time
– more ootds (for me)
– more lifestyle (for twitter poll respondees)
– more korean beauty/fashion (for the industry, tbh)
– set mini goals for each month, carry them over if they’re not achieved. stick to them!!!
– create a lookbook for each season.
– organise the admin side, and keep up with it!
– put out one youtube video a week

these goals are probably going to be subject to change, hopefully more in an expansion sense than a ‘welp, can’t do that anymore’ sense. I’m really pumped for 2016, I want it to be a year of good change and excitement and positivity and possibly a unicorn or two. Or seven.

Let me know if you think these are a good idea! If you have any to suggest, I’d love to hear them. Oh, also, if you have anything you’d like to see on this little blog please pleaseee tell me! I want to challenge myself to create some awesome content next year 😀

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11 responses to “Some 2016 goals”

  1. Aria says:

    I'm hoping to meet more people this year too! I hope we're both successful. :)xAria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

  2. Tamara S says:

    Nice Goals ! In some I really finding myself and must do something for them ! Want better better person ! aestaste blog

  3. VelvetBlush says:

    Your goals are really interesting! Good luck with your degree, I'm hoping to get better at planning in advance too :)Velvet Blush

  4. Katharine Tat says:

    Fii!!! Are you graduating in Korea or London? If you're in Korea in July let's meet up then! x

  5. Helen G says:

    i really want to go to japan so i need to save up too! from helen at

  6. Martha Edwards says:

    Wishing you the best of luck with all of these! Especially your degree and beating trich, you've come so far! I find these posts so motivating (I'm currently drowning in deadlines and totally feeling like I'm going to fail my degree, so I need it!) xMartha Jane |

  7. Kimberley Louise Smith says:

    I think these are all great goals! Good luck with your degree! I can't wait to see more OOTD posts 🙂 xxKimberley //

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