Seoul Fashion Week SS15

photo by Sean O’dell  — edited for post purposes by me

I am not jealous. Don’t be silly!! I’m not. I’m honestly not spending hours on my instafeed, double-tapping all the sfw photos I come across. Shush. You’re being absurd. 90% of my tumblr dashboard isn’t photos of the pretty, pretty models dressed in pretty, pretty clothes, and I totally haven’t tried to find every behind-the-scenes photo from the First Ever 87mm show.



I’m simply admiring all the photos. (Lies, so many lies.) But if anyone is offering to fly me out to Seoul for two days (or next season) I’d be on that plane so fast you wouldn’t even be able to say Fii. There’s something about Seoul’s fashion week that I am so in love with it is painful to not be there.

So today I am bringing you some of my absolute favourite street style posts (so far) from the brilliant photographers that I’m having to live through vicariously. And also possibly introduce you to a few people you should definitely follow.

***none of the photos featured in this post are mine – all photographers are credited and no copyright infringement is intended. I simply want to share some stunning photography***

Alex Finch:
Fellow brit, does such magnificent street fashion photography. Such a lovely person too. He has an eye for detail and it translates so well into his photography. He has a facebook page, instagram, and his website, iamalexfinch.

Lee GaHyeon by Alex Finch

Colour matching! I really like how her nails match the green accents on her jumper, and how her white hat and bottom half of the outfit (appear) to match. A casual look that isn’t hard to replicate if you’re after stylistic inspiration.

Models, by Alex Finch

Can’t go wrong with an all black outfit. Ever. Walking/motion shots will always be my favourite type of photos from fashion weeks, they look so much more natural than the ‘stand against this area of wall and pose’. You can see how the outfit moves. I love how in this photo we have all the trouser types — skinny, harem, cropped, straight leg — and styled in different ways.

– by Alex Finch

Double Coats is such a Korean Thing. As is being permanently attached to ones phone, but that’s a post for another day. Strangely, I really enjoy the way the two jackets work together. The different levels compliment, as do the different colours. I am absolutely in love with the sheer panelling on the patterned one.

Nike couple shot by Alex Finch

I think this is possibly one of my most favourite photos to ever come out of any fashion week ever. It’s so simple.

Sean O’dell
I’m allowed to promote my Uni juniors on my own blog. He said I could use his photos for a blog post since I’m not at SFW this season so use them I will.

JaeHyuk Shin,  Original photo by Sean O’dell, post-processing done by me

Hands up if you watch Korea’s Next Top Model… Ok that was a long shot, but the cyle that is running at the minute is the first ever Girls&Guys cycle for the Korean version. And this kid is JaeHyuk Shin, from the currently airing cycle.  He’s wearing clothes from theGrowing, if you want to bag yourself a piece to go with AW’s pinstripe trend.

photo by Sean O’dell, post-processing by me

Double coats, pinstripes, ways to wear summer items through into the new season? This girl s seriously on trend, and super cute to boot. I love the contrast of the red and camel, and the way both complement the navy of the pinstripe trouser.

All black outfit, check. Layering, check. On trend coloured item, check.
I love this look. It’s all classic elements and Seoul Chic.

Ok quite clearly this is a very style conscious parent dressing this child by Christ Almighty this is adorable.

Finishing this post with #welldressedboys. Easily my favourite thing about any fashion week, although #adorablechildren is probably edging ever closer. Oh and Lee HoJung. Anyway. Well dressed boys. Duster coats, round collared jumper, good hair. What is not to love.

Oh how I wish I was there taking my own photos. One day I will attend all the fashion weeks. Alllll of them. I will be jetlagged as hell, and it might not be physically possible, but –sigh– a girl can dream.


4 responses to “Seoul Fashion Week SS15”

  1. Dilek Asanoska says:

    I have the same dream: visiting all fashion weeks in order to be able to breathe in fashion properly and make even better clothes. It's my dream to live in Seoul and be able to go to SFW. ^^ beautiful post, by the way! ^^

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Ahh I hope we can both realise that dream! It would be incredible..I highly recommend going to SFW at least once in your life. It has a quality that is completely different to the western fashion weeks. I love it. I miss it *sigh*Thank you so much 🙂 🙂

  2. Nicole Cheng says:

    AHHH I'm SO jealous of everyone who's attending Seoul Fashion Week.I love the sheer panelling in the girl's coat as well as the pinstripe trend. I've been looking for pinstriped clothing for such a long time but can never find anything good.I'm also watching KNTM!! Currently waiting for the next episode

    • Fii Cridland says:

      I know!! I haven't at *all* looked at the price of tickets for a week in march… noPe. Seoul kids always manage to look so put together even in a tracksuit and neon trainers. I don't know how they do it they just do. I've been looking around for pinstripe stuff too, can't really find anything I want to spend upwards of £20 on. Oooh who do you want to win? 🙂

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