Lather up – New Lush buys

Lush hair care summer haul fairly traded honey and rehab

The last few months have really taken a toll on my hair. Stress stress stress means that my trich tendencies flare up; as well as a styling disaster for a job that my hair hasn’t quite recovered from (it was bad). So, not wanting to add more chemicals to that was the perfect opportunity to try some more of Lush’s hair care range. 

Also the fact that moving back to where Lush is a good 40 minute trek to be in the vicinity of was a slight incentive. There’s a reason I love cities a lot

Lush hair care summer haul fairly traded honey and rehab

This time I decided to go back to basics. With the regular use of oils – and working out how much to use when mixing masks – along with dry shampoo to help me go between washes longer, I sometimes get quite a lot of product build up at the roots which really aggravates my scalp. So rehab was an obvious choice to pick up, as it cleanses the roots and scalp to restore it to a healthy state with enzymes, seaweed and toning essential oils. 

Fairly Traded Honey was my second choice for honey’s soothing properties, as well as moisturising and adding shine. Being curly-haired genetically means that my hair is kinda thirsty a lot of the time, and is harder to manage in summer because humidity is a thing. Hopefully this tames it a little bit, and paired with my fave Argan oil mask from Nature Republic, I should be set for travelling to Austria in July. 

Have you tried either of these before? How did you get on, is there anything I should know about or what is best to pair them with for conditioner? Let me know~

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4 responses to “Lather up – New Lush buys”

  1. Martha Edwards says:

    Really hope these products work for you, lovely, they sound gorgeous! I've actually never heard of either of these before xMartha Jane |

  2. Victoria Reilly says:

    I love Lush shampoo, I love Curly Wurly and the sea salt one! Vickie |

  3. Alyssa Gengos says:

    I'm using up a travel sized bottle of the Fairly Traded Honey right now, and I love it! It smells so lovely and definitely does it's job. The only thing is it's a little bit hard to get it to lather, but other than that, I love it.xx

  4. Meg Siobhan says:

    I haven't tried these, but they look good! To be honest, I've never bought any hair products from Lush. Maybe it's time I do!Meg | Elmpetra

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