2020 goals – new year, new decade, new mindset

I’m late, I’m late. It’s a week and a half in to 2020, customs has my new bullet journal from Papier hostage (and also a Christmas parcel from the fam, but what’s new there), and, like pretty much everyone else with a day job, I’m back at work. It’s back to the monotony of Normal Life After the Holiday Season, but I still have that New Year New Decade New Cycle magic tingle hanging around, and I’m kind of hoping it doesn’t fade as quickly as it did in 2019. It feels like a bigger thing than years past, more like I actually know where I want my life to be headed, considering I was still pretty childish at the start of 2010, and I didn’t really get how much can change in a decade. Anyone else feel that way too? In any case, here are 20 goals for 2020. Ranging from some little things I’m hoping to achieve, to things that I’m going to try and carry through the whole decade.

The Big 2020 Goals

1 The biggest of my 20 goals for 2020 is CHANGING MY VISA. If you’re new around these parts (hi! Hello! How are you? Tell me about yourself!) I live in South Korea, teaching English in an International Kindergarten. My visa currently is sponsored by my school, which means that I can only teach English at that school; no extras unless I get permission from immigration (which I did in my first year teaching) to do other things on the side, and even then, they absolutely cannot interfere with the day job. I love my job, but I don’t want to be a teacher forever, and the first step to not being a teacher forever is to change visas. So yeah. That. It’s going to be a process and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have to sacrifice a lot of Saturdays… but fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.

2 Care less about the things that don’t warrant so much energy. Which is basically reversing the trap that I fell into which is living to work instead of working to live. I’ve accepted the fact I won’t ever be a bare minimum teacher, but I can certainly scale the amount of myself that I pour into this back a little bit. I’ve been baseline exhausted since March, and that resulted in me getting pretty ill at the end of November because your girl stretched herself to the thinnest possible point. I’m leaving that mindset behind in 2019, I need to prioritise my health, and, well, me.

3 Get back in the gym, get my health back on track. I’m feeling 2000% better than I did at the end of last year – being told very sternly by my doctor that I ‘must take things slowly’ was a realisation that I done goofed somewhere when it came to my health. I say somewhere but I definitely know where: being tired from work transformed into being too tired / lazy to cook meals, too tired to go and work out, too tired to take too much care of my self if I’m being entirely honest. I mean, being in an apartment that isn’t very well ventilated and definitely has mold under the wallpaper didn’t help the situation either… Regardless,

Manifesting for 2020 and beyond

One thing I’d love to make a conscious effort to do more of this year / this decade is to manifest more. If this is something you do, or you want to do more of too, pop into my DMs and we can chat about it, for both motivation and inspiration purposes. If it’s not your thing, I respect your opinion! For me, I’m a big believer of putting good energy into the world returns good energy back to you, as well as working with the universe to get what you want – key point being working with the universe. Nothing is just handed to you. So I’m planning to read up more (send me links or recommendations if you have any), and make this new decade one where I am thankful and working with the universe to make my dreams come trueee.

Organising goals for 2020

I really want to get better at using my bullet journal and planners this decade. I’ve found a system that works for me, and i stick to it ~most of the time~, but when life throws me lemons, I’m so busy trying to catch them all that the journalling and the organising ends up dropping off the face of the planet. Which then leaves me feeling pretty shitty as it’s hard to get back on track. I get caught up in the visuals and the aesthetics, and lose the functionality and the clarity it brings me; so this is the year that I focus on the reasons why I’m doing it, and hopefully I can make this 2020 goal into a habit for the decade.

The smaller 2020 goals

I really want to learn how to do my hair, and look after it a little more. I know that means more regular haircuts, and finding products that work for it, but I also want to be able to do more styles than: up, down, half-up, and various braids.

Travel more. I have holiday at my current job, and considering I am very set on my ‘work to live not live to work’ resolution, theoretically I should have more energy again to travel and do THINGS. So I have a trip to revisit Osaka booked in January, and I’d love love love to visit Bali or Singapore this year too. In general, I just want to cross a bunch of places off my list of Places To Go.

Saving the best till last: I want to publish at least two blog posts a month. I’m putting this as a ‘smaller 2020 goal’ because I really don’t want to feel like it’s A Big Thing if I don’t do it. BUT, I really want to get back to the work flow of pre-graduation pre-full-time-job Fii and actually make myself proud. Ha. Videos take longer for me, so I’m hoping for 1 a month, depending on how crazy things get at work. We’ll see. But I’m hopeful. Optimistic. Putting it out into the universe so I have to hold myself accountable.

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2020 goals - changes i'm making to take into the new decade

So there you have it! My goals for 2020 and beyond. It’s a new year, new decade, new lunar new year cycle… I’m really going to try and keep this motivation magic going.

Let me know what goals you have for the year/decade! Or what your resolutions are for this year. Make sure that you’re following me on insta – I post a lot on my stories (especially pictures and videos of the doggos).


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