Favourite Winter Warmers

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It’s only recently that I’ve given any love to the colder months. I used to be such a summer baby that almost 100% of my wardrobe was more suited to warm weather (seriously, the quantity of sleeveless tops I’ve axed is quite concerning) – and even though I don’t claim I’m appropriately dressed for the weather most of the time, I’ve definitely found an appreciation for the cosiness of winter wear.

And fleece lined blankets.

Seriously. Nothing better than watching (winter) films whilst being hugged by blankets. I know that probably sounds like I’m going to start spouting off about Hygge, but once you’ve seen minus sixteen degrees centigrade for a full week, you gain a pretty solid appreciation for feeling toasty. 

favourite winter items aviator jacket

the coat

A Good Coat can be a serious game changer when the weather starts stalling in the lower degrees. I have a penchant for thick wool blends, one of my all time favourite coats – a black double breasted pea-coat from Red Herring childrens’ line – was one I wore solidly from lower 6th till pretty much the end of winter in my first year of uni, it still fits and it going strong even after about 6 or 7 years. It’s been joined by a grey hooded style with little toggles to fasten, as well as a lavender parker, and my all time favourite winter warmer – the aviator jacket. 

I’ve spoken about the jacket before, but seriously, a good one of these is a fab investment. It’s the most expensive coat I’ve ever bought, and the cost-per-wear has made it a veritable bargain now. Suede outer, leather straps and shearling inner lining (I haven’t worked out if it’s real or faux), it’s the warmest coat I own – I think the only thing that rivals it is the super thick winter ski jacket – and still remains stylish. I’d love another one in black or a pastel, to be honest. 

It’s definitely wise to invest in a coat – especially if you live somewhere where the weather certainly chills you. It’s not worth getting ill for the sake of wearing something that goes with an outfit, and with the variety of styles and abundance of inspiration around with how to style even the most questionable of outerwear – caterpillar coats, I am looking at you – it seems a little silly to go for style over substance. 

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winter essentials smart gloves

the gloves

Magic gloves that you can use touchscreen phones with are popping up in so many places now! I saw a pair in Peacocks the other day that are really similar to this fuschia pink pair I already own, but the tones were much more muted. These were another Seoul purchase, they’re really thick but also durable, and I wear them a lot at the minute to keep my hands warm when I run. I used to wear the glove-mitten hybrid types frequently, but found that they didn’t quite come in the thickness that my fingers needed to keep warm. Also, I kept losing one of the pair. Someone get me some mitten clips. 

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favourite winter items flannel pyjamas

the pj’s

Winter isn’t winter unless you’ve got the flannel or super cute pyjamas on. Primark has such a fab range of good check pj bottoms – seriously, if there’s one thing I’ll buy from Primark, it’s pj bottoms – and forever21 also does a great range of fleecy-feel too. I’ve always relied on them during the winter months, since my bedroom is one of the coldest in the house, it helps to have something you can really snuggle into to stay warm. Asos are consistently on point with their stock of sleepwear that it’s seriously unfair. 

They also work really well as fab house or loungewear if you’re not one of wearing joggers for anything other than sport. Plus they look adorable.

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winter essentials best drinks for winter

the beverage

My go to drink is green tea, but in the winter I do like to spice things up. This year I have chai, pomegranate green, and peach green tea to rotate in alongside the usual pure, and lemon teas I sip daily. As sacrilegious as it might sound this time of year, I’ve never really been one for hot chocolate, and since I’m as dairy free as possible now, it’s not one that’ll be gracing my drinks menu this winter. Seeing them all over instagram does make me a little jealous though. 

What are your favourites for the winter weather?

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    These are lovely picks! That coat is gorgeous!VioletDaffodilsxx

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