Favourite Fashion Instagram Accounts

best favourite fashion instagram accounts

Instagram. The most fickle of the social media’s, but one that provides me with so much inspiration since it’s so easy to browse and discover and see. After the Dreaded Algorithm of Doom was introduced, I’ve found myself spending more and more time in tags and explore, which has turned up some absolute gems of accounts that are definitely feeding my creative side. 

I find myself scrolling through explore more often than I scroll through my feed at the moment, and  it’s definitely made me far less mad at the whole algorithm situation. It also shows me when accounts I interact with a lot have posted recently rather than showing me popular things from 10hours to 4 days ago.

Seriously instagram, can we change back to the instant?? 

Regardless, here are some of my favourite fashion focused instagram accounts I’ve been double-tapping a lot recently, and that have provided me with a lot of outfit and shoot inspo. 

favourite fashion instagram accounts world fashion bloggers
@jaglever – rachel marie iwanyszyn

The essence of true style, in my opinion, is if you can take whatever trends are currently passing through the fashion industry and seamlessly weave them into your own personal style without it being a jarring addition. Rachel Marie Iwanyszyn (@jaglever) does this so well. Her go-to seems to fall between girly grunge and a lil’ bit goth, lots of fab wide brimmed hats, plaid, and high-waisted items, with a colour palette that’s predominantly blacks, whites, reds and greys. Her insta is also all sorts of beautiful, so I definitely suggest giving her a follow (if not for her fashion sense or beautiful account, she has a lot of totoro plushies). 

favourite fashion instagram accounts world fashion bloggers
@emlee7 – emma lee

Emma Lee’s (@emlee7) style is a masterclass in beautiful practicality. A designer by trade, it’s is clean with a feminine edge, and again incorporates recent trends into the wearable everyday. A lot of neutrals and staple basics feature if you’re looking for new ways to style your jeans, along with the most amazing of locations. Her photographer has a serious eye. (Shush I’m not jealous.)

Emma’s account also provides a masterclass in the art of the coffee shop flatlay. Seriously.

favourite fashion instagram accounts world fashion bloggers
@adashoffash – iris dijkers

I’ve been following Iris’ blog for ages, it was one of the first on my regularly read list when I was contemplating starting my own. I love how effortless her style is, it’s a little bit retro with a contemporary spin, just beautiful. I swear continental Europeans have this innate styling ability, throwing on clothes that go, regardless of if they should. 

Again, her account is also beautiful, mostly fashion focused, but with a few lifestyle bits peeking through to break up outfits and details and gorgeous, gorgeous shoes. 

favourite fashion instagram accounts world fashion bloggers
@zoopeach – jiwoo kim

For those of you expecting a Korean blogger recommendation, here it is! Jiwoo Kim (@zoopeach) runs the blog Zoo Peach, and I’m seriously all sorts of in love with her style. She’s a bit of a chameleon, everything suits her. From girly to full out norm-core and all the quirky stages Asian fashion likes to throw in between. She’s fab inspiration if you’re looking for something a little bit different to the Western ‘grammers, and probably one of the first accounts you should be following if you’re looking to get into Asian street fashion. 

Her shots of South Korea don’t at all make me nostalgic and itching to go back, what are you suggesting… 

I have a much longer list of favourites that I’ll probably work my way through to show you – but for now I’ll leave it here! Let me know which are your favourite fashion instagram accounts so I can find more (and stalk others).  Also if you fancy giving me a cheeky follow my instagram is @fiixii

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7 responses to “Favourite Fashion Instagram Accounts”

  1. Hannah Lucy says:

    I always forget to look at the 'explore' option! Love these accounts, full of inspiration!Hannah | Oh January

    • Fii Cridland says:

      I genuinely spend a lot of my instagram scrolling time in explore 😀 much more than I do on my feed now with the algorithm *sighs**

  2. look.love.wear says:

    Thanks for sharing these – love the last account especially! You should check out @fashionbambini and @asosshope for looks like these :)Feel free to check out our latest post xLOOK LOVE WEAR

  3. Olivia Emily says:

    Such good picks – I absolutely love @jaglever <3(and I also hate that instagram isn't showing when my favourite accounts post too, I always find that I go to the profile and there's 5 new posts!? It makes no sense, aha)xxhttps://oliviaemily.com

    • Fii Cridland says:

      She's fab isn't she! And I've found that if you search for people it has a little blue notif by their name if they've uploaded recently 😀 it's still awful but hey. xo

  4. Meg Siobhan says:

    Oh my word, these are all such dreamy accounts!Meg | Elmpetra

  5. Cristina SF says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm always looking into new accounts to follow.www.memoriesofthepacific.com

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