Little Princess

japanese gyaru style suspender skirt how to style

I’m very much a believer of the notion that if you feel good about yourself on a given day, that day is likely to go well. It’s to do with elevated confidence and it’s effect on perception of the self, if you think you can take on the world, you can probably take on the world.

japanese gyaru style suspender skirt how to style

It’s one of the reasons why I wake up on important days a little bit earlier, and try not to switch off my alarm one too many times, because the little things to make you feel ace are necessary – for me at least – to think that I’m going to have a fab day.

Exams are one of those important days. I try and stop that little ball of nervous energy growing any larger. Ever since I’ve been able to sit them out of uniform (my school uniforms were never cute, or fit properly), I’ve felt a lot calmer going in, purely because I feel more comfortable in myself. I mean, doing the work beforehand helps to answer the question, but being comfortable in a stressful or high pressure environment does a lot too. #studyhard.

japanese gyaru style suspender skirt how to style

coat: new look

shirt: primark mens

suspender skirt: taobao

chelsea boots: asos

watch: asos

japanese gyaru style suspender skirt how to style

I don’t remember the exact time I fell in love with this suspender skirt. I’ve seen it on online marketplaces like storenvy and ebay for ages, but have never been able to find the name of the original brand that designed it (if you know plz plz plz plz tell me!!!). I’ve been so looking forwards to wearing it since it arrived in my recent taobao haul, but styling it has been quite hard. The fit is a little oversized – as designed – but I don’t have any blouses in that sort of relaxed style. I’ve worn it with a white button down shirt here from Primark mens, because I like the fit better, but I think the collar is a little too starched or fixed. Oh well. The skirt is one half of a set, so I might just have to go and get the blouse that was designed for it. 

The skirt itself though, I adore. I’m so unbelievably happy that I have it. It’s a beautiful material, and even though it’s no match for this level of wind right now, it’s going to wear so nicely in the springtime. It makes me feel like such a little princess (roll titles), which is a great feeling to have when you’re sat in a two hour exam writing about morality and pragmatism and human rights. 

Watches are something that I’ve never really bought myself. I’m not a massive fan of the small-faced designs, and any of the watches I had when I was younger were all small-faced. They sat weirdly on my wrist so I hardly wore them. But they are super useful for exams, so over Christmas I decided It was high time (aha) that I had one, and considering my dream watch I can’t exactly afford I settled for this white leather strap with gold hardware. I love the simplicity of it, setting took a little guesswork since it doesn’t have an numbers on the face, but I got there in the end. It’s so pretty. I got it in the sale so it’s out of stock now, but I’ve linked some similar. 

Asos was also onto an absolute winner with these chelsea boots. I desperately needed a new pair since the predecessors of these decided that they were just going to break. I was gutted – but these are tan leather, and so comfortable. Asos airbound, so they have a cushioned sole which is fab. I wear them so often, and there isn’t any sign of breakage. 

japanese gyaru style suspender skirt how to style outline
original image: hebetobubu 

Whisking myself away to the snowy streets of Tokyo here. Ahh I wish.

Let me know what you think of this outfit~

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11 responses to “Little Princess”

  1. Leanne Beaumont says:

    Love the outfit!! Cute doesn't seem to fit, maybe chic and comfortable. Glad im not the only one who worries about blouses looking good with an item I adore. Phew. Kira xxHttps://

  2. Jessica Ayton says:

    I totally agree with thinking it's going to be a good day it probably will be and with the right mindset you can concoure the world. I love these pictures. You look adorable and that suspender dress equally so. I've pondered getting stuff from Japan but I'm so lanky I stuffer with UK sizing let alone the notorious Japan sizing. I love the last picture edit, I too wish I was running about the snowy Tokyo streets.

    • Fii Cridland says:

      Ahhh yeah Japanese sizing is definitely for the more petite of us… I often struggle the other way in the the UK so I buy a lot of my clothes from Asia :3 Thank youu xo

  3. Carina Chung says:

    STILL OBSSESSED WITH THE ILLUSTRATION!!! ANd both the suspended skirt and watch really suits you!! ALSO HOW CUTE IS YOUR BED OMG.x Carina / Running White Horses

  4. Meg Siobhan says:

    It's such a cute skirt! Damn yee British weather for being so windy at the moment.And I freakin' LOVE your illustration. So much.Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  5. Emmajane. says:

    Super cute skirt! I totally agree with you, those days where you feel in your prime always work out for the best! xVintage Spring ootd featuring H&M over on BLOGLOVIN

  6. MarinaSays says:

    I'm in love with this. You have such an adorable and quirky style – it's perfect. And the illustrations are great. I wish I could do stuff like that on my computer but nah, yours are great. Can't beat

  7. Alyssa G says:

    Loooove your outfit!xx

  8. Hannah Delacour says:

    I really loved this. It's SO true! Wearing the right clothing can really make a difference to your mood, especially during exams. I see people wearing tight clothing and heels in the middle of summer whilst I'm just there in a lose t-shirt, haha! Really love the photos (the skirt and bear are so cute – as are you of course!). I wish I could wear more flowing skirts but alas, my big bum can make it difficult.Beautiful post Fii!Hannah

  9. Sarah says:

    The outfit is pretty and it suits you. good photos and post :)Check my post about 50 Beautiful short dresses for February 2016

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