level up in positivity~

think positive
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I think that this will definitely be my motto for this year, think positive, be positive, do things that make me think of myself in a positive light. Not in a ‘the glass is always half full/cure cancer and solve problems like world hunger’ kind of way – because that would be ace if it happened but it’s just a tad unrealistic for me – more a ‘uni starts again tomorrow today and I’m in a new class with new people and that scares me immensely, but it’s going to be ok’ sort of way.

Because it is.

One of the things I really love about Yonsei, as rigid as they are in some aspects, is that every semester you change classes. This is actually something that terrifies me because it means having to deal with a new set of people and new teachers and generally your only common language is Korean. But it’s great because of those things. It doesn’t make it any less scary though, for me, anyway.

Last year, someone told me to surround myself with positive people and I laughed and said it would be hard. But I was thinking that it would be hard to find sufficiently positive people to surround myself with, which, looking back now, seems so silly because how would that work? I guess I was expecting positivity to just seep into me via positivity-osmosis or something and work its magical influence, instead of changing the way i think more actively.

Well it’s definitely time to change that. New year, new class, new game plan. Positivity, I choose you!


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