black lace maxi skirt summer outfit inspiration

Excuse my slightly reflective skin, before these shots were taken I hadn’t seen outside for about 3 months** and what is sun in Sheffield?? Paleness aside, I love outfits that make me feel like somewhat of a badass gothic/vampiric princess. Black lace?? Hell yes! Red lip??? You betcha. I like keeping my wardrobe somewhat fluid and diverse (I doubt I’d be able to stick to a capsule format), so that I really do have something for every occasion.

Like being summoned to the gates of the Underworld when the sun is shining.

**That may be an exaggeration, but dayum those last three months of uni were tough.

black lace maxi skirt summer outfit inspiration

black lace maxi skirt summer outfit inspiration

sunglasses: aliexpress

zip crop top: forever 21

choker: aliexpress

lace maxi skirt: aliexpress

shoes: new look

Despite the fact I’m trying to move away from filling my wardrobe with super cheap fast-fashion purchases this summer (more on that later), and start investing in brands that I really love, there’s something enticing about having the ability to try something different without any real financial cost. I picked this lace skirt up to wear at Fashion Week for the FW16 season, as it’s something a little bit different and reminded me of a couple of the beautiful Couture dresses from the likes of Ellie Saab and Zuhair Murad. Though at a vastly lowered price point and minus all of the crystals. I’ve worn it a couple of times since on varying occasions, and it gets so many compliments. For a couple of pounds on aliexpress it’s not a bad buy at all. I mean the quality is dire if we’re talking about good lace and good mesh, but it’s more than wearable and a little bit of fun. 

The top I picked up in the Myeongdong Forever21, and  I was so so tempted to go back and get it in every single colour at the time, because it’s a really fab basic. Square cut, cotton, comfy, cropped. All the yes. Unfortunately I was already trying to cram way too much into both suitcases to come home so I didn’t – sort of feel like I missed a trick? But also sort of feel that I got the best-slash-most-versatile colour because I’m not exactly one for swanning around in hot pink day to day. I mean I probably could, but then again money. Waffle aside it’s a solid top, and again was pretty inexpensive. 

NewLook seriously make some of the best high street shoes: fact. From their flats to their heels, they constantly produce with the designs and the comfort and the price. You’ve already seen this in another post (mostly because these were all shot in bulk and I had a grand total of 3 pairs of shoes with me), but they’re worth a mention every time. 

black lace maxi skirt summer outfit inspiration

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Let  know what you think of this outfit! Do you let your vampy side out every so often – or is your wardrobe waay more streamlined?


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9 responses to “Novocane”

  1. Carina G. says:

    That skirt it's so pretty !Love it!xoxo,

  2. Kimberley Louise Smith says:

    I love that whole outfit but that skirt is gorgeous! I've actually got a similar one on the way xxKimberley //

  3. Girl from North London says:

    I love your pale skin! You look great in that outfitxo

  4. VV Nightingale says:

    Oh my god this outfit is amazing, you are totally slaying it

  5. Saffy Needham says:

    I lovee this look so much, you look amazing !I know how you feel my skin is soooo pale all summer haha! ;D but i'm loving the vampy look!

  6. Kitten WolfHeart says:

    I am in love with that skirt! This whole outfit is prefection ♥xo Kitten ♥ The Howling WolfHeart

  7. Miel and Mint says:

    What a gorgeous look, Fii! You're slaying in that all black outfit, lovely <3 The skirt is a sheer perfection (excuse the pun). Really enjoyed this post & this is so up my street. I love a good bold colour and a pastel shade but black colour always has a special place in my wardrobe (and heart) lol :)xox

  8. Carina Chung says:

    I flipping love the square cut of that top! 🙂 I got one in white when i was in korea, but without the zipper and im soooo excited to wear it out 😀 Also, ah loving your skirt. You gorgeous girl!xx, CarinaBlog – Running White Horses || YouTube

  9. Rosa Fairfield says:

    I have so much love for this skirt! I've been looking for something just like this!

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